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Fantastic color, but not a fan of the ingredients.

I used this mica in my lip balm. It worked really well and is true to color. It's definitely fun to play around with. After I purchased this, I realized it had some ingredients that I personally don't like to use (like the FD&C Red 40 and parabens). But, that is a personal preference. It did look beautiful and incorporated smoothly into my balm base. :)

Artistry Reds

I had originally bought this along with the Shamrock Green for the Aloha Soap...I then ventured onto bigger and better CP Aloha version. I am using my own devices for designing and creating with this color mica. I love it, and it never fails to amuse me. I mix it with straight glycerin to disperse and swirl throughout my soaps and it has demonstrated neutral pinks to bold, true coral colors in my soap. I will be buying more of this wonderful product

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Nik Fauzi
Love the Color

Although it does not give the same color as the powder itself, but the light coral in my lipstick is lovely. My daughter and I love it.

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Love it!

Absolutely love and recommend this colorant! So easy to blend into my lip glosses, especially with the mini mixer which I also highly recommend. This was my first time using colorant in my lip products, and I'm so pleased with the results, and I'm sure that my customers will agree! Thank you so much BrambleBerry!

Verified Purchase

I used this in lip balm, and a little went a long way! It's sparkly and very pretty. It mixes well, and I like it a lot :)