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Cotton Candy FO

I love the smell of the product and can't wait to use it in my scrubs. My only complaint is that when I got my package the bottle had leaked all over everything in the top layer of the box, rubbing off the type on the labels.

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Not the one.

This behaved well in CP, but I just don't smell cotton candy. I asked my kids what they smelled when the soap was done. They each had to think, but then said it sort of smelled like cotton candy. Had they been unable to recognize it like me, then I would only have given it 2 stars. I REALLY want a cotton candy scent for blending. Unfortunately, this isn't it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking to work with the fragrance oil you may like it better once blended with a little Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil to help sweeten it up. You can also try blending in some Blueberry Fragrance Oil to make it like a more fruity smelling cotton candy.

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It's okay

Not my favorite. It's smells sweet and light but has a yogurt smell. Hoping it's more kid friendly since I used pastel colors.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil is definitely a kid friendly hit. If you're looking for other kid pleasers you may prefer Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil or Creamsicle Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

It’s ok

It smells nice but not like cotton candy. Everyone that smells it thinks it smells just like the old school strawberry shortcake dolls.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for other candy type scents you may prefer Sugar Plum Fairy Fragrance Oil or Sugared Grape Fragrance Oil.

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Wanted to love it

I wanted so much to love this scent. It is far, far too light to hold. It is barely there and has a faint, chemically smell that is off. They are on point with almost every other scent I have, sadly this is not one I will be purchasing again. ***UPDATE***So it's been a bit since I've used it and the smell gets slightly stronger after time, but still subtle. It DOES smell better after it's been sitting for a cpl weeks. I raised it to 4 stars from 2, as I still think the fragrance is still missing...something.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jill! I'm sorry this scent was not what you were expecting. We love the nostalgic scent of our Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil! Though it is a little bit lighter than other scents so we do recommend using it at 0.96 oz per pound of cold process soap, found using our Fragrance Calculator. We also choose all of our scents based off of a full 6 week cure time so you may be surprised after that time as the scent should come back stronger at that point :-)