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love it!

Cotton Candy is one of our summer favorites! I also like using it in combos with other scents. Works very well in CP.

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Smells just like spun sugar!!

I am in love with this! I purchased it for my unicorn sugar scrubs and the scent smells like sweet cotton candy heaven! I have purchased from other sellers cotton candy fragrance oils and they smell like plastic. And I finally found it! Thank you for having the real scent!:)

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Smells Amazing!

This is perfect for a unicorn blend. I have even mixed it with Electric Lemonade. My customers are ordering it like crazy! I have gotten very creative and inspired by this scent. It smells like authentic cotton candy and I have tried so many, this one is nothing like all the others. Just a jewel.

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Not bad

This scent is wonderful to blend with other scents! Most adults aren't fond of it, but kids seem to LOVE it!

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I wanted to like this

I bought this in hopes that it would smell like the Flavor oil. it doesnt. Sadly When given a choice between Cotton candy Flavor oil, and Cotton Candy Fragrance oil. People choose the flavor oil. This is unusable and unsalable.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you prefer the Cotton Candy Flavor Oil it is also skin safe so you can try using it in your other products other than lip balms. Though you may notice it is a little lighter than most fragrance oils since it is meant as a flavor oil.