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Corynn Lewis
Good, but doesn't smell like cranberries or figs

Me and others who I have given or sold soap to agree that this FO doesn't smell like cranberries or figs. It is more of a fresh, and slightly sweet scent. Something you might expect soap to smell like. I still think it is an awesome FO however. It has never discolored, accelerated trace, seized, or riced. It behaves perfectly & smells great. I got some as part of a sampler pack and a 2 oz bottle a while ago when i first started making soap. I'm sure i'll be buying more in the future.

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Amazing In Lotions!

I made a lotion scented with this for our Christmas markets and it became such a hot seller I'm adding it to our product line. Next I'll be trying it in cold processed soaps to see how it does.

Nice scent

I don't usually use this fragrance on its own in my mp soaps, but I use it alot mixed with other scents, especially to tone down scents that are a little too sweet. I do use it with a mixed with vanilla for a scent I call Vanilla Spice, which is very popular and sells well.

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Great, but unusual.

I want to start by saying this fragrance is wonderful. I first used it in the sampler kit. (Way better than the sweet cranberry, IMO) In my sample soap, it created a small amount of glycerin rivers on the bottom. I oven process, so I figured it had to do with overheating. I had a customer create a custom order (my mistake in the first place) with this fragrance. Everything was fine until I unmolded the soap, and the entire top half of my soap had glycerin rivers. I personally thought it added a bit of character to the soap, but it was very difficult to explain to my customer why the top half wasn't solid brown. Could this have been the fragrance? I use the same recipe I do for all my soaps.

no smell

I bought this fragrance a few months ago because it was on the best seller list. I was very disappointed in the smell. Smells nothing like cranberries. I used the suggested amount according to the fragrance calculator and still not enough scent so I added a tad bit more. A very small hint of cranberry. So disappointed.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Leslie! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this fragrance. We love the tart cranberry notes mixed with sweet fig of our Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil. We choose all of our fragrance oils based on what they smell like at a full six week cure when the scent is at its peak. You may like your soap better after the cure! If you're looking for a different cranberry scent you may like Cranberry Sweet Fragrance Oil, Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil, or Cranberry Pomegranate Fragrance. Oil.