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Very Nice Fragrance

This fragrance oil smells very nice in my cold process soap and did behave very well. I don't think it smells very much like fig, I can smell the cranberry though. I added a small amount of orange 10x and ended up with a very delicious blend. Soap has held fragrance well so far.

Corynn Lewis
Good, but doesn't smell like cranberries or figs

Me and others who I have given or sold soap to agree that this FO doesn't smell like cranberries or figs. It is more of a fresh, and slightly sweet scent. Something you might expect soap to smell like. I still think it is an awesome FO however. It has never discolored, accelerated trace, seized, or riced. It behaves perfectly & smells great. I got some as part of a sampler pack and a 2 oz bottle a while ago when i first started making soap. I'm sure i'll be buying more in the future.

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Amazing In Lotions!

I made a lotion scented with this for our Christmas markets and it became such a hot seller I'm adding it to our product line. Next I'll be trying it in cold processed soaps to see how it does.

Nice scent

I don't usually use this fragrance on its own in my mp soaps, but I use it alot mixed with other scents, especially to tone down scents that are a little too sweet. I do use it with a mixed with vanilla for a scent I call Vanilla Spice, which is very popular and sells well.

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Great, but unusual.

I want to start by saying this fragrance is wonderful. I first used it in the sampler kit. (Way better than the sweet cranberry, IMO) In my sample soap, it created a small amount of glycerin rivers on the bottom. I oven process, so I figured it had to do with overheating. I had a customer create a custom order (my mistake in the first place) with this fragrance. Everything was fine until I unmolded the soap, and the entire top half of my soap had glycerin rivers. I personally thought it added a bit of character to the soap, but it was very difficult to explain to my customer why the top half wasn't solid brown. Could this have been the fragrance? I use the same recipe I do for all my soaps.