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Erin, #SlateRoofStudio
Good seller

This is actually the first FO I used for my first ever batch of CP that I made and it sold out instantly. It sold so quickly I forgot about it. Years later, I just reordered and it is well behaved and just a nice smell to it. Not completely sure if this is what cranberries and figs smell like, but folks love it, especially around the holidays and spring.

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Clean and fresh

I received this fragrance oil in a kit, and I used it in my first batch of soap using the recipe from the Basic 1,2,3 Tutorial. Initially the scent was very strong and I thought I might have used too much; but, as the soap cured the scent has become just a nice fresh, clean, and slightly sweet scent. As others have stated, I'm not sure just what cranberries and figs should smell like, but the scent is very nice and I will buy it again. It behaved nicely in my soap, no discoloration or acceleration.

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My all-time favorite

IMHO, neither cranberries or figs have much of a scent to them in real life, so I have no opinion as to whether this scent lives up to its title. But I will say that I must own almost a hundred BB scents, and this is in the top 2 (the other being cucumber melon). CF is just delightful---sweet and crisp but not cloying. I adore it!

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Behaves Perfectly

LOVE this fragrance! It's a great base for other blends. In CP, no acceleration or discoloration. Great in sugar scrubs too!

Nice, but did not sell well

Scent blend is nice. Did not seem to sell well as feed back from customers said it did not smell like cranberries or figs to them. Even in different soap designs - scent was not popluar.