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Too sweet

Update: 12/24/16 Bumping it to 4 stars because this scent sells well! I made a small batch w/ a simple design and people loved it! My previous review: Too sweet, candy like scent. I prefer some tartness.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sarah! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the sweet blend of citrus rounded out by the tart cranberry note. If you're looking for other cranberry scents you may like Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil, Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil, or Cranberry Sweet Fragrance Oil.

Good scent. Smells as described.

Very fun scent. Not too strong but smells as name describes.

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Great for all seasons

This is one of my best selling scents all year round. Scent sticks well in cp.

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Linda (Linnie)
Perfect balance of sweet and tart!!!

I think I have found my new favorite cranberry fragrance. Made a batch last week and it just keeps getting better as it cures! I did mix oils and lye water at 110 degrees, and I am glad I did... It does move fast, but it is worth the effort! It turned out a lovely golden light tan color... Think it would look fabulous with a bordeaux colored mica swirl. The cranberry is true and tart, and the pomegranate gives it this lovely deep and rich red fruit edge... The citrus and spice notes are a beautiful accent... And the soft musk and vanilla notes wrap it up like a beautiful gift. LOVELY cranberry and pomegranate blend!

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Need to master the acceleration

I LOVE this smell. I made two batches of CP soap. Both of which accelerated so fast that I didn't have success. Both batches I was working with two colors. One batch I divided the scent proportionally into it right before I poured it. I was soaping at 120 degrees. It was at light trace when I did it. Glop... Next batch I put less scent in and soaped closer to 110 degrees. Glop... BUT I have to say this is some of the best smelling glop I have ever made. Good thing my family doesn't care what their soap looks like. I will have to master this smell before I can sell it! Until then....lotion and sachets get this amazing smell.