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New Favorite Fragrance

I think I have a new favorite fragrance! I just made a small batch of CP soap and mixed the cranberry with 10x orange. It did accelerate but I was able to get an ITP swirl done. It did turn the white batter yellow but with the orange essential oil, it turned a light orange color which matches nicely with the burgundy I used in the rest of the batter. It smells so yummy! I was going to give it as a Christmas gift, but I think I'm keeping this one.

Verified Purchase

I was going to give it 3 stars because I didn't like how it reminded me of an older generation type perfume, but I just picked up my 4 week old soap and must admit it's getting a nicer smell to it. Don't be too quick to judge this one. I may have to come back and give it another star later. Huh! This one is surprising me. What a difference a few weeks make!

Verified Purchase
Amazing - get it while you can!

This scent is amazing. My customers thought so to, as the cranberry soaps sold out immediately. Get this while you can and order more than you think you need.

Molly D.
Loved it

I thought it smelled a bit like fruit punch - very sweet. But I made a cranberry / orange in the pot swirl soap and the combination is heavenly. I used orange 10x in equal amounts with the cranberry, adding burgundy oxide and orange peel powder for colors. Turned out great. I did not notice that it accelerated trace.

Verified Purchase
Swirling Dream: the Perfect Sweet & Tart Scent

I'm bowled over by the sincere concern and immediate attention Team Bramble Berry lavished on me and my Cranberry Sweet circa 2013 soapy failure. Tina immediately sent a 2015 two ounce sample for me to test, and Caitlin actually made a test batch in the Bramble Berry lab. Cranberry Sweet circa 2015 soaped like a dream!! No acceleration, and no discoloration using: 35% Olive, 30% Palm, 25% Coconut 76, 10% Canola. Pre-mix lye 3% superfat. Full liquid (oat milk) + 1 T ppoo each, sugar and salt. FO: 1.23 oz ppoo added to 2 oz 100 deg recipe oils + 1 tsp Bentonite clay before blending with remaining oils. Soaping temps around 90 degrees. Thank you again! Bramble Berry's customer service is simply AWESOME.