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Smells soooo good OOB! I'm hoping this particular fragrance will hold the sweetness through hot process soap; I'm still on the hunt for a vanilla that stays true! Most vanilla scents leave my soap smelling like play-doh after the cure :( Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Lady MiyaJoi
not a fan....

Didn't like this one. Wasn't crazy about it in the bottle but I reserved judgement until I put it to its intended use; and it's still too saccharine sweet for my taste (smell). Won't be reordering...

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Sweet dessert scent

Smells exactly like cream cheese frosting to me. I mixed with vanilla to tone down the sweet smell. Very nice though! I also mixed this with orange scent to create an ice cream scent that reminded me of being a kid again!

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Great for Peaches and Cream and Other Fruit and Cream Scents

I had been scouring the internet for a good "cream" smell to go with peaches for a friend's birthday and couldn't find anything that sounded like what I needed. I finally settled on giving this scent a chance and I'm so glad I did! A little goes a long way so do add small doses at a time so lighter fruit scents don't have to compete but this was exactly what I had been looking for and then some. With how well it mixes and how little is needed to impart the creamy notes it will be lasting me a while. But it will be a definite reorder when I do run out. Going to try with the Black Raspberry and Vanilla scent next. If you're looking for a good peaches and cream bath bomb this plus the southern peach scent is heavenly.

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Yummy Smell

I absolutely love this scent. I used it in body butter, which I gave a sample to the women in my family, and everyone loved it. I think its more of a winter kind of scent but you really can not go wrong with this scent.