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Creamy & Dreamy

This FO smells SO GOOD! I used a tiny bit of titanium dioxide in my CP soap in case it darkened, and it worked beautifully. Combined with a pinch of orange mica, the end product turned into a soft, creamy treat. Smells like the real thing!

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Smells Good.....

I know this may sound strange but i was hoping this would discolor my soap to a brown but it did not. I mixed it with clementine cupcake FO and made a loaf soap cake and some soapy cupcakes. I split the batter and added soem TD to the "frosting". So i was looking for a brown base with a lighter frosting top and I put some orange M&P balls on top for decoration. The soap had not dicolored at all so not i wish I'd added a little brown oxide. But whatever they do smell yummy! Maybe as they cure the color will change it's only been one day.

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Smells like an orange creamsicle

smells great,I made candles and bath bombs with this fragrance oil,The candles smelled good but I prefer this scent in a bath bomb seemed a bit light for candles

Exactly as Described

Using in CP - Behaved very well. I was shocked to get very little color changing. I used a neon orange for the CP and a white MP to swirl- turned out orange and white. Fragrance is excellent!! Super choice!! I have noticed it fading in my curing soap though. Maybe once used it will come out again. Fingers crossed. UPDATE: no scent remained after cure.

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Creamsicle soap

People always do a double take when they see the label and just have to smell this soap. This is a great fragrance that works well in my hp soap. Please don't change. Thing I will be a regular customer of this fragrance.