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Smells good enough to eat!!!!

I wish I could rate this a 10 star! This smell is just as you would expect a creamsicle to smell like! I use this in my homemade body butter. It smells so yummy!! I've made CP soap with this but since it has vanilla it will turn the soap brown... I'm not into that look for soap. I can't wait to get some more of this!!

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Yep! That's a Creamsicle!

Smells super yummy and creamy! I got this for my bath fizzies, and I think it would be a great hit with the kids, but I'm not sure I'm in love with it personally.

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I am new to making soap. This was my first scent I used. Everybody loves it. As parents will attest we had a hard time getting our kids to shower with the creamsicle scent we have a hard time getting them out. I have made about ten other scents and everybody keeps asking for this one. I think I will have to order it 5 pounds at a time or more. With Christmas coming everybody wants this in their basket.

Exactly as Described

Using in CP - Behaved very well. I was shocked to get very little color changing. I used a neon orange for the CP and a white MP to swirl- turned out orange and white. Fragrance is excellent!! Super choice!! I have noticed it fading in my curing soap though. Maybe once used it will come out again. Fingers crossed.

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Smells Great, but...

It truly smells just like orange creamsicle. This is to the point that it enticed me to smell it over and over. Unfortunately this fragrance didn't just discolor the soap, it horribly discolored it. I used it at the proper ratio and it turned my beautiful orange and cream-colored soap a murky, streaky brown. I figured 'hey, it's a fragrance and that sort of thing happens'. No biggie. Lesson learned. So i tried it in a different formulation with different colorants and the same thing is happening to that one. I'm not terribly upset, but I'll have to sell these soaps in the bargain bin due to the ugliness. It still smells delicious, though.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Emily! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Creamsicle Cybilla Fragrance Oil! This fragrance does discolor to a dark brown color because of the vanilla content as shown in the example soap above. Discoloration is a quirky feature of handmade soap and can still make a beautiful bar if you work with the dark color. To find out more about this check out our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown" blog post.