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No Scent in CP Soap

This smells amazing in the bottle however I made a batch of CP soap which I refridgerate for 24 hours so it does not gel and after unmolding there was no scent at all. When my soap began to warm up a very harsh parfumey fragrance was noted, it was so bad I had to move my soap into the garage because I was choking on it. It's been several days and the harsh parfumey smell has faded but still it smells nothing like it did in the bottle.

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Its peary for sure

It reminds me of a jolly rancher candy, does BEAUTIFULLY in cp but as a room spray, it was faint.

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crisp and juicy not too sweet!

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Love it!

I am fruity fragrance junkie and love the authenticity of Crisp d' Anjou Pear. With this, I would like to note my 4 stars because my experience was different in that it did not hold even an hour after I unmolded and cut my cold process batch using lots of lather quick mix. I used full amount for strong fragrance using calculator. It's very lively, and reminiscent of summer out of the bottle. I will purchase again to try body lotion or melt and pour. I am not discouraged; however, very sad nevertheless as it didn't work for my pretty cp batch of soap.

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No scent left

I made Marigold & Shea butter soap with this fragrance oil. I don't smell anything! I am so disappinted!