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This is an amazing scent!

This smells like fresh Green apples with a hint of Rose. I am very pleased. CP bars are at the 2 week curing period and still holding scent. I love this scent and automatically purchased more.

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Fresh and Lovely!

This is a wonderful springtime scent, it is so refreshing and beautiful. I pick up more apple than rose, but can definitely smell both notes. Tried it based on reviews and seems to have worked great in CP, my usage was based on the “high” rate because some say it may not be a strong scent...there is plenty of scent present now...hopefully sticks during curing. A must try!

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This is a must have in your soap collection. I make goats milk soap. Cold process. This is one of my faves.

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Michelle B
Really like the scent, good with CP

I like the scent more than I expected. The crisp apple is a great compliment to the rose note. It performed well for me in CP. The scent might be fading a little during processing but it's still plenty there. I only used between the Light and Medium levels on the fragrance calcuator, so I might use more next time. Nice fragrance.

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Smells Amazing

I adore this scent. It smells amazing. I can smell the apples and the rose. It's light and crisp just like the name. Can't wait to use it in my CP.