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My favorite

We used up the soap and gifted a few bars. Everyone just loved it. I will keep it on hand. Plan to try it in candles next.

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After trying this scent several times I now use about half the amount recommended for LIGHT. Though I'm usually rather heavy handed with scent, this one really took me by surprise. My first batch was unsellable. Scent was so strong it turned people off, so I shredded it and used it in another batch with no scent. Ta da! Problem solved. Just be forewarned, it's strong. But very economical to use.

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A bit overwhelming

Updated review: even after complete cure it still have the strong chemical smell. It's so bad I've had it in the garage to cure. The scent is murder on the whole families sinuses. Definitely do not recommend this one. At least I know now....Just as others have said, it's not very good straight from the bottle. In fact it's pretty bad. I went with a mid range on the fragrance calculator. After it sat for a week it still has a kind of bite to it. I don't know how else to describe it. It isn't at all like it was before. I'm hoping that the odd "bite" will fade in time. Even if it does it's still not one I will use again. It left me with a headache all day long and every time I went into my work room it would start back up. Now it does give my nose a bit of trouble, it's not bad, just pressure. I actually stayed out of that room for several days and kept the window cracked. It did preform beautifully and gave me no trouble at all.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Brooke! I'm sorry you didn't love this scent out of bottle and found it to be too strong. If it's too strong for you we would recommend using the low usage recommendation on our Fragrance Calculator or even less if that's too strong! We also choose all of our fragrances based off of a full 6 week cure time so hopefully it will mellow out for you after the full cure. If you're looking for other clean scents you may prefer Amazon Lily & Rain Fragrance Oil, Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil, Fresh Linen Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

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Wait for the cure!

I really thought this one was a dud, and couldn't figure out why it had such rave reviews. I didn't like it at all until the end of a 6 week cure - now I get it. This smells fresh and clean. Love it!

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Very nice

This is a pleasant strong fresh laundry scent with a creamy undertone. Don't use too much or it can be overwhelming.