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Note about coconut oil

Just wanted to point out that fractionated coconut oil is not comodogenic.

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Great but could be better

One thing that's a major part of this product information that is missing, should this be added to the water or oil phase of making lotion? Wish it was made with something other then coconut oil because coconut oil clogs pores

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Cucumber Extract is an oil based extract so you would want to add that to the oils in your recipe.

coconut oil base

I echo Linda's concern. I source the majority of my ingredients from BB and would much prefer to source all but do not use comedogenic oils in my facial products. 😔

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Coconut oil used?

Would bramble berry consider using a different carrier oil besides coconut oil for all their extracts? It's very hard to add these to face creams as coconut oil clogs pores. Preferably any non comedogenic oil would be great.