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Out of the bottle it smells delicious. I don't know how long it stays in the soap yet because I just made it today but as of right now it smells delicious. Acted polite in the cp soap. Absolutely love it!

Verified Purchase
Great summer scent!

I made a batch of cp soap with this several weeks ago and I'm pretty impressed. It's summery and refreshing, with more cucumber than watermelon. It almost smells a bit like canteloupe? Anyway, it behaved great, no colors, ricing, or acceleration. I'll be picking up more!

Found the Perfect Summertime FO

Cannot even tell you how much I'm in love with this FO. Just unwrapped the tape around the 3.5 oz bottle today & used it in 3 products already. Made CP this a.m. in my BB Silicone T/S Mold. Then this afternoon decided I needed a Body Spray & a Lotion to go with the soap as well. Had no problems with it at all in CP. It behaved perfectly. It gets so hot here in TX during the summer, I know this crisp, refreshing scent is going to fly off the shelves. It is going to make a fabulous trio set of Soap, Body Spray, and Lotion. Definitely one of those FOs I won't be able to live without.

Verified Purchase
Great scent

I love the scent of this FO. It has a very delicate sweet smell. I only had an ounce and used in a test batch of CP soap and I love it. The scent remains after washing with it. I can't wait to get more and use in lotions and body wash.

Verified Purchase
Smells exactly like a ripe cantaloupe!

I got this as a free sample with my latest order and I plan on ordering more for my Christmas projects. I think the lush aroma will be a nice contrast to all the other fir-tree odors.