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Summer in a bottle without the outdoor allergies. On amother note I make a tester bottle of lotion with this to get a contract for Mother's Day. Needless to say all of the ladies who tested it wants more.

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So refreshing

This scent smells just like described. It's green, refreshing and lovely!

Grassy Fresh

This is a great fragrance for CP soap; it just smells fresh. I smell the cucumber, but the oak adds a grassy kind of depth that is very appealing. I used the strong level on the calculator and it's not too much. Behaved well, and with some T.D. my soap is white with green mica swirls. Lovely!

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Overwhelming scent of baby powder

Really disappointed in this one, BB. Normally your description is spot on. The reviews all described a great scent that I felt my collection needed. What I got instead was a baby powder scent with the barest hint of artificial cucumber if you breathed long and deep enough. Very disappointing. I used this in lotion and so far this is not a scent I would buy if I could smell it in advance. I wanted fresh and earthy, not kind of fruity baby powder. I really hope this is one of those fragrances that takes some time to come into it's own. If so, I will be editing my review. As of now, I need to find something to make with the other few ounces I purchased

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Very nice scent

This fragrance is exactly what I imagined it would smell like. Very strong scent, but not in a bad way. It smells very earthy, yet light and cool. It performed beautifully in my cp soap and I have already reordered more. Very nice unisex scent!