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Love this scent!

This is such a cool mossy scent. It is woodsy and light at the same time. I made a batch of HP using this and had no issues at all. It is on my curing rack now and my whole house smells like it!

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Sells well

The first time I made this, I didn't have any issues, but the second time, it riced and I ended up with white speckles of fragrance throughout every bar. Frustrating. It sold well, though, so that's why I made it again.

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Absolutely stunning!

I'm in love with this fragrance! It smells like a handful of crushed oak leaves, with a note of something earthier and deeper. I used it in a few different macabre fragrance blends, as it adds a really awesome "clean" damp decay scent. On it's own, its just incredibly fresh. I also tested it out in a raw cucumber lotion, which really helped the cucumber notes to pop out. I found that on it's own, the cucumber really doesn't come through. It's not a bad thing, though. I will definitely be buying more of this!

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My favorite cucumber scent

It's so nice to have a cucumber scent that's fresh and not fruity. But my! It does move fast and I had to abort my original design. I have no idea what to expect when I cut this one. I wound up layering white, blue and green ... thank goodness nautical is the fashion these days.

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I recommend to all soapers to try this fragrance oil because it is just amazing! I have never felt better cucumber scent than from my m&p soap with this FO. If you like fresh, clean scents then this one is definitely for you. Next time I will order more than 8oz. Thanks BrambleBerry and please keep this one in stock forever :)