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Strong Scent & Extreme Exceleration

I was expecting slight Exceleration in my CP as it's noted on the bottle. But my goodness is was extreme Exceleration, barely got one mix in before it was solidifying. Then before I knew it, it seized on me. All the FO dropped to the bottom. Thankfully I had my crockpot out instant rebatch & it was fine. Was used in a tried & true recipe. Very strong scent

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Heather! We love interesting mix of woody and clean notes in our Cucumber Oak Fragrance Oil though it can definitely accelerate trace, as noted on the product page. To help slow this down, take 1 oz. (basically equal amounts of fragrance oil to fixed oil) liquid oil out of your recipe and heat it up to 100 degrees. Then, add your fragrance into this oil. This simply dilutes the fragrance oil’s initial acceleration. You can also add the oil/fragrance mixture earlier than usual. Rather than adding the fragrance at a thick trace, you can add it at the first sign of thin trace. Always hand stir the fragrance/oil mixture in with a fork/ladle and never, ever use a hand blender for problem oils. Lastly, raise your temperatures to about 110 to 115 degrees. This will help to keep your mixture more liquid than at a lower temperature. If it does start to rice you can try using your stick blender to help smooth the soap out as seen in the Soap Behaving Badly blog post.

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Summer in a bottle without the outdoor allergies. On amother note I make a tester bottle of lotion with this to get a contract for Mother's Day. Needless to say all of the ladies who tested it wants more.

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So refreshing

This scent smells just like described. It's green, refreshing and lovely!

Grassy Fresh

This is a great fragrance for CP soap; it just smells fresh. I smell the cucumber, but the oak adds a grassy kind of depth that is very appealing. I used the strong level on the calculator and it's not too much. Behaved well, and with some T.D. my soap is white with green mica swirls. Lovely!

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Overwhelming scent of baby powder

Really disappointed in this one, BB. Normally your description is spot on. The reviews all described a great scent that I felt my collection needed. What I got instead was a baby powder scent with the barest hint of artificial cucumber if you breathed long and deep enough. Very disappointing. I used this in lotion and so far this is not a scent I would buy if I could smell it in advance. I wanted fresh and earthy, not kind of fruity baby powder. I really hope this is one of those fragrances that takes some time to come into it's own. If so, I will be editing my review. As of now, I need to find something to make with the other few ounces I purchased