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Not your Grandma's floral

I don't particularly like strong, overbearing fragrances, and I feel like this one is so fresh and clean-smelling. Florals always worry me for misbehaving and having that "old lady perfume" smell, but this one behaved beautifully and doesn't smell at all off-putting. Would definitely use again. I always err on the side of "light" with my fragrances, this one is no different.

Sickening Sweet

I got this as a free sample and I loved the scent in the bottle. I just used it for a test batch and wow. Performed great, no ricing, no acceleration, poured beautifuly. However, the scent, actually made me very ill. Even in a small quantity compared to the amount of oils, this scent was very strong. Would not reccomend for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances.

Verified Purchase
Simply Amazing!

I have used this scent in Cold Processed soap and Soap Cupcakes and let me tell you it's amazing! Works great with multi-colors, and didn't accelerate at all! I highly recommend this scent! I purchased an 8 oz & I think I going to purchase another 8 oz! LOVE IT!

A great scent

I like this smell a lot, it's fresh and floral. It also has that perfume smell. It does not smell like Marc Jacobs perfume though. It's a very famine smell that is very strong. Doesn't discolor at all.

My new favorite!

I absolutely love this scent! I was waiting to review it until my bars were fully cured (6+weeks) and I’m happy to say the scent is strong and lovely. This is a beautiful, fun, flirty, floral.. it behaves gorgeously in CP and does not discolor. I brought some into my shop this past weekend and they flew off of the shelf! Definitely adding this scent to my staple. It would make a lovely lotion, bath bomb.. any body product!