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This is one of my all time favorites. I use the recommended amount for "medium" strength and it's perfect. Also add just a titch of Vanilla Oak and WOW I just love it. Also, a favorite of my daughter and she's picky! Will continue to purchase!

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In love!

Let me tell you I dont not like floral fos. But this smell is so good! I got it as a free sample. Its light and floral but smells so clean. Just the perfect balance. Made it in my cp soap and soaped beautifully. Finally got the chance to try it and thought it would be like the rest. Nice to smell but not nice to have on my body. Boy was I wrong! I already ordered a new bottle of it and is one of my favorites!

Feminine and Light

This scent is very feminine and definitely smells strongly like perfume. I love it, but my husband felt it was a little too strong. It performed well in my cold process recipe, and it's currently curing. I'm hoping that the scent will lighten up a little because it's still very strong. I'm really looking forward to using this soap in the shower!

Verified Purchase
New favorite

I love this scent! Feminine for sure. A little perfume-y but fresh and clean smelling. It doesn't seem very floral to me. So far I have used it to scent liquid soap, sugar scrub, and a loaf of CP. It behaves wonderfully in CP. Had plenty of time for color and swirl. It does not accelerate at all. I have gone through a 4 oz bottle, almost an 8 oz bottle, and just ordered a 16 oz bottle. I can't get enough of this scent!

Not your Grandma's floral

I don't particularly like strong, overbearing fragrances, and I feel like this one is so fresh and clean-smelling. Florals always worry me for misbehaving and having that "old lady perfume" smell, but this one behaved beautifully and doesn't smell at all off-putting. Would definitely use again. I always err on the side of "light" with my fragrances, this one is no different.