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Dark Chocolate more than creamy chocolate

You know that clean strong scent of dark chocolate? This has that chocolate scent to it. I find myself often mixing it with a little vanilla in order to get that creamy essence. To me, that's a positive thing! I love how versatile this chocolate ends up being, please don't ever change it!

Smells like hot cocoa

Made this into a batch of CP a few days ago and it smells heavenly! I want to eat it! I hope that my customers feel the same love for it that I do!

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I am afraid.

Although this fragrance oil smells wonderful, I am too afraid to continue to use it because I read through the MSDS. If a product says that it should not be inhaled, I honestly feel that it should not be inhaled because synthetic molecules are designed to stick to other properties and this could cause unseen harm. I recommend that anyone who desires to order fragrance oils should do their homework upfront. I had no clue about these terrible warnings and I was alarmed, but I trusted Brambleberry's reassurances. I spent around $70 my first time, which I completely regret. I no longer wish to work with fragrance oils and now I have to either resell them or take them to a special dump because they cannot be disposed down the toilet or in the trash because they are so caustic. If they are so caustic when dumped into a large body of water or mix into the ground, then how can they be safe mixed with salts or a carrier oil? I may still order from Brambleberry because they have other products, but reading all the Material Safety Data Sheets has literally caused me to want to throw out every product that has a fragrance in it in my home.

I have a question..

Is it safe to assume that this FO is lip safe? I received a sample of this a while back and wanted to use it in a lip balm with star anise EO.

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I made a 3-layer CP soap with peppermint EO in the center layer and this FO on the top and bottom. Smells just like the Andes mints. I so want to take a bite. Very, very chocolaty.