Bramble Berry® Soap Making Supplies

  • Orange Butter

    You’ll love the bright scent and silky feeling on your skin. It’s 20% off all month.

  • Marigold - Calendula, Dried

    Add a touch of sunshine to your creations. Pick it up now for 20% off.

  • Pink Rose Petals

    You can sprinkle these petals on top of handmade soap or add them to potpourri and linen sachets.

  • Buttercup Mica

    If you love bright yellow in your recipes, get this colorant now for 20% off.

New Products

  • Safflower Petals

    These orange-red petals are the perfect finishing touch for your next cold process soap recipe.

  • Lavender Butter

    If you're looking for an easy way to add luxury to your next recipe, you'll love this butter.

  • Orchid Extract

    You only need a few drops of this extract to add something special to handmade products.

  • Jasmine Flowers

    You'll want to add these beautiful dried flowers to all of your DIY projects.

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