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Learn About Glycerin with Soap Queen Learn more about the properties of glycerin and its many uses with Soap Queen's Sunday Night Spotlight.
Sample Idea Sheet for October 2016 This month's free sample is Bramble Berry's Fierce Type fragrance oil. Check out our blend ideas and easy recipe.
Color Block - Shimmer Queen's Purple A rich, bold hue, Shimmer Queen's Purple is one of our newest melt & pour color blocks.
Gingersnap Fragrance Oil The quintessential holiday fragrance oil Gingersnap is a robust blend of caraway, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and vanilla.


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Learn to Make Cold Process Soap!

Part chemistry, part artistry, this is the traditional method of making soap using oils and lye. It is creative, fun, and easier than you might think.

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Make Your Own Soap Now

The easiest and safest way to make soap, it is perfect for kids, yet still highly versatile for artists. Find everything you need to get started here.

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Get Your Essential Oils

A full collection of our 100% pure essential oils made from the best all natural ingredients, from rare Helychrisum to the ever popular 10x Essential Oil.

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Modern Holiday Bath Fizzy and Soap Kit

This fabulous kit is a holiday favorite. It makes at least 20 bath fizzies and 20 guest soaps, more than enough to stock your own bathroom and still have plenty to give as gifts.

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