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Red Hanger Swirl Cold Process Soap Tutorial A bold, dramatic soap scented with a combination of Apple Sage and Yacht Club fragrance oils.
Sample Idea Sheet for July 2016 This month's free sample is Green Smoothie. Check out our blend ideas and easy recipe.
Fish-in-a-Bag Melt & Pour A classic melt & pour project that is sure to put a smile on the face of one and all.
All About Avocado Oil A great choice for a wide array of bath and body projects, learn more about Avocado Oil here.


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Want to Make Cold Process Soap?

Part chemistry, part artistry, this is the traditional method of making soap using oils and lye. It is creative, fun, and easier than you might think.

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Find All Your Essential Oils

A full collection of our 100% pure essential oils made from the best all natural ingredients, from rare Helychrisum to the ever popular 10x Essential Oil.

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Learn to Make Melt & Pour Soap

The easiest and safest way to make soap, it is perfect for kids, yet still highly versatile for artists. Find everything you need to get started here.

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Natural Soap Kit for Beginners

This kit includes all natural ingredients, a detailed instruction book and a re-usable silicone mold. Three different essential oil options available.

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