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This is high quality, fantastic cocoa butter. I use it in my lip products and it works great. Melts down easily and smoothly, goes on smooth and full, and is odorless. It's great!

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The best cocoa butter

This is the best ever butter..I have purchased from others who melt down the butter and pour it into jars or buckets depending on the quantity. Will never order it again from anyone selling it like this..I never had a problem using it in my body butters, cp or anything until I purchased premelted butter and had to melt it again let alone chizzle it out..It became grainy and no matter how well I tempered it, or how long,grainy was the outcome..I did find another place that sells it the way BB used to and they are rated excellent as well..Great stuff and best of all no melted cocoa butter poured into containers and no more grainy problems..It will be a shame if BB does not sell this butter like they used as well as the new pellet way. I will not purchase it..Change is not always a good thing.,