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Used it for bath bombs and it was easy to use. Just an fyi, don't fill it all the way to the top or the lid won't snap closed. I made that mistake after filling one up lol

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Great for Sugar Scrub

I purchased these with the intention for small size sugar scrubs. I sell to a local salon larger sizes in bail jars but I thought it be nice to have a smaller size that I can put a round label and a bow ribbon for customers to have the option to buy smaller less expensive size. perfect for my needs.

Teresa A
Wanted a different package for a different kind of soap

I been getting requests for making some goat milk's soap but I wanted a different shape of clamshell from the rectangle ones I use for my coconut soap. Got my package of a few of these molds today. Made up some soap went in one of my shops to advertised them. And I raised the price of them up a $1 and walked out without my soap and got orders for more! So if you make a lousy order of 30 molds like I did? That wont be enough. I'm back to order some more because my regular customers LOVE the SHAPE!

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Got a different use for these!

Love Love Love, and our Savannah gave me yet another use for these!!! You know that little bit of whipped Shea Butter that is in the bottom of the stand mixer? Our Savannah grabbed one of these and we put that wee bit of butter in it. Guess what? It holds just a bit over one ounce and it became a hot sample seller just that quick!

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Problem with sweating

I love the shape and size as well as the ease of use of these molds. They are the perfect size for a shower bar. They also don't warp or melt when pouring directly in the mold. The problem I have is that when I allowed the soap to harden and cool and then immediately placed the lids on them, within a few days there was a lot of glycerine dew on all the soaps except the coffee (which has a layer of coffee grounds over the bottom of the bar. This does not look very nice and when customers open the package to smell the soap they don't like the unsightly beads of dew that have formed.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jessica! I'm sorry this product wasn't your favorite. In our tests and recipes, we haven't had dew form, as seen in this Shimmer Fall Layers Melt and Pour. It is important to let the soap fully harden and cool before capping it. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!