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Dogwood and Ginger Flower

I received a small sample of this and decided to use it in a batch of soap that I was making. To date, this soap has received excellent reviews from the people who used it. I'm here today to order more! I highly recommend!

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Loved the smell hated how fast it thickened

Everytime I come home I smell the soap curing as soon as I come in. Its got a nice fresh clean scent. It thickened my CP soap so fast I had to spoon it in the mold.

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Warm , rich

Love this fragrance!!! Manly and yet I like it too!! Will also use for my fall line, it is rich warm and sensual

not my favorite

I received this as a sample in an order. It's not my type of fragrance. An older man that I gave the soap to really liked the fragrance and said it reminded him of a soap he used when he was younger. To me it has a very manly smell.

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Grows on you...

At first I thought it was wonderful. Then after awhile I didn't like it so much for some reason, so i gave it to my partner who was making a test batch of beard oils. The next week I'm all up on my husband trying to figure out what's this new cologne he's wearing... (*blushing*)... You've probably guessed it! He was using the beard oil with the dogwood and ginger! So I guess I do like it once it's in product . We will be reordering and trying it in CP soap soon