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This is another beautiful scent however it was not long lasting in my soap

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We found the Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil was strong when used at 0.8 oz per pound of cold process soap with the Fragrance Calculator. We do choose all of our fragrance oils based on a full 6 week cure time when the scent comes back stronger so you may like it better then. For more help check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.

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Dogwood and Ginger Flower

I received a small sample of this and decided to use it in a batch of soap that I was making. To date, this soap has received excellent reviews from the people who used it. I'm here today to order more! I highly recommend!

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Loved the smell hated how fast it thickened

Everytime I come home I smell the soap curing as soon as I come in. Its got a nice fresh clean scent. It thickened my CP soap so fast I had to spoon it in the mold.

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Warm , rich

Love this fragrance!!! Manly and yet I like it too!! Will also use for my fall line, it is rich warm and sensual

not my favorite

I received this as a sample in an order. It's not my type of fragrance. An older man that I gave the soap to really liked the fragrance and said it reminded him of a soap he used when he was younger. To me it has a very manly smell.