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Love it cant keep it stocked

This is great! I used it in cold process, it does accelerate a bit but since I knew it would turn brown it didn't matter, I wasnt doing a swirl or design so I could throw it in the mold quickly. It turned a brownish red like dark maroon, really nice though for the name "Dragon's Blood" I sold out in a few weeks, it retained its scent very nicely after curing. I will definitely be making more soon.

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Love this one. It does accelerate and does turn brown. A little goes a long way.

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Beautiful scent! I like it better than other dragons blood fo's I've smelled, it's a little softer, much more pleasant, and much better, in my opinion!

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spilled oil:/

I was happy with this oil, it smells like a sweet and somewhat spicy perfume. It is a strong scent though. I was disappointed when I opened the package and a seal broke or something because there was oil all over the package and made the label unreadable. It's a nice oil though:)

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color bleeds

I couldn't wait the 6 weeks for my CP soap to cure so i could use this yummy smell, well i did and I'm so disappointed that the color bleeds, its just awful. Did I do something wrong here? Any other soapers have an experience like this before? The color looks just like in the picture, a lovely deep brown. I used the fragrance calculator to find out how much to use, i always do this. I must say that I order a lot from BB and have not been this disappointed. thanks for any help in advance.