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Perfect for the novice lotion making enthusiast

I was very interested in having lotions that were made of more natural ingredients because I felt they would do a better job of keeping my hands moisturized. I was also intrigued by the idea of being able to have lotions in scents that match the soap I'm beginning to make. (As you can tell, I'm fairly new to this whole game). Buying all of the ingredients needed to make lotion from scratch was too much, so when I found this kit I was thrilled. It was a perfect place to start since the base is all made up. As I was putting the base into the bottles that come with the kit, I got a little spilling over the edges and I rubbed it into my hands to get rid of it. WOW! My B&BW lotion that I've sworn by for years does NOT moisturize like that! Once I got the color and scent added and shook it all up in the bottle, I was in heaven. I used the free sample that came with it (Fruity Fusion) because that smell was irresistible. I love it, love it, love it! I'm going to make him his own bottle of lotion and scent it manly for him. I plan on using the rose fragrance that game with this to make a bottle for my grandmother for her birthday, and I know she will love it. I love this kit because it made the process easy for me (I had no idea you could use lab colors for lotions). It was perfect for getting me started and letting me test the process out. I also think the kit would make a great birthday or thank you gift for someone, since all you need is right there. Five very well deserved stars!

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I love this lotion it was very easy to do and the smell is wonderful thank you brambleberry i will be making this again