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Definitely for blending.

They were not kidding when they said that this oil is potent. I have it hidden away in a cabinet because I can smell it through the bottle. I can definitely see how this essential oil can deter bugs because in the right concentrations it can also deter people, lol. It definitely plays well and mellows out when mixed with other oils when used in small amounts though. I made a claifying facial spray for acne with geranium, lavender, tea tree and citrus and I think it turned out wonderfully considering my first impressions of the scent.

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All Good!!!

I had previously given this oil one star, but that was a premature review! I actually really love this oil, it has grown on me quite a bit! A nice floral to add to my essential oil collection (although I cannot WAIT to get some true rose absolute! lol) Reply from Bramble Berry&nbsp;Hi Jaime! Because this is a 100% pure and natural essential oil, it can have a stronger floral smell than a fragrance oil. It does blend beautifully though! You may like it mixed with Amber Fragrance Oil or 10x Orange Essential Oil. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!<

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A very lovely sibling of the rose

It's an elegant and subtle rose. Plays well with other scents in blends. As another review stated, it goes very well with orange.

Light, floral rose scent

It's true -- it does smell like rose. Not as heavy as a "pure" rose absolute, but also not as expensive. Works very well in soap, especially when mixed with an orange essential oil, and the two complement each other beautifully.