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My favorite pink!

This mica is so vibrant! It stays true to color in CP and other products. This is my "go to" pink.

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Very Vibrant!

Love how bright this color is! On it's own it gives a fantastic rich bright pink. It is also amazing mixed with equal parts Merlot mica for a perfect rich a true Red color. It is great mixed with purples to add extra vibrancy as well.

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Michelle B
Very pretty color

I used this color (along with some snowflake sparkle mica) to make nail polish and it was bright and pretty. I received a lot of compliments on it as well. I'll definitely be using it for my M&P soap too but haven't done that yet.

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Prettiest Pink I've found!

I absolutely love this pink in my CP soap! I have tried all the other neon pinks out there that I can find, and this one still makes me the happiest of all!

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Fades in UV light

The color is fabulous, the most vibrant pink I've found. But so disappointed to find it fades in UV light (from sitting on my work table which is near a window.) The undersides of the bars stayed bright. Hard to sell at fairs when you know they are fading as you sit there selling!