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Nearly Perfect...

I recently purchased this soap to help bolster my inventory, as I hadn't made any soap prior to going on vacation. My impression of this soap is mostly positive; the swirl is fun, the fragrance is fantastic & just the right strength, & it provides great lather. My only complaint is that the pigment used to create the reddish coloring did, in fact, stain my nice, lime green washcloth. Even after washing, the red was still there, albeit decidedly faint. Not sure if this is just a "first use" transference, or if it will continue to stain with further use, but it's certainly something to keep in mind if you're thinking of adding this to your inventory. Aside from that, I certainly recommend this soap. :)

Verified Purchase
Smells divine

My son-in-law gives me a hard time about all my fruity, girly-smelling soaps, but he thinks this one is awesome. I haven't confessed yet that I didn't actually make it. I do have a question though. The description says it is cured and ready to use, but then it gives weights before drying. So, does this soap need to dry or not?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Dianna! So glad you like this product! The soap is cured and ready to use. However, there will still be some evaporation after it's unwrapped, which is why the weight before drying is listed.