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I have used this alone and at a one to one ratio with grapefruit essential oil. Everyone I know seems to request citrus and grapfruite smells and this is the one I've gotten the absolute best feedback with.

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New Fragrance Smells Dusty

I have used Energy for over 15 years. It was always a huge seller. This new scent is horrible. Smells dusty, makes soda ash that is all over the bar, and really needs to be redone. I am adding Lemon Verbena to it just to use it up. Sooo sad!

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Soooo clean!!!!

I made this scent for cp soap and wow! I just want to keep smelling it! It performed great in my recipe also. No acceleration, ricing, or discoloration. I will keep this in my line because it smells amazing in soap! Thanks Brambleberry!!!

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almost perfect

I bought this fragrance several years ago and everyone loved it. recently I decided to use up the remaining 4 oz and was dismayed that the scent had degraded to a 'funky' kind of odor although it had been kept cool in the basement. If I decide to use 'Energy' again it would only be in small quantity that can be used up immediately

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Smells Great!

I used this scent in cold process soap. I was very pleased at how it did not accelerate trace at all, and held the medium trace we were hoping for to work with the colors. We will purchase this again. This is a great, fun, citrus scent!