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I am soooo dissapointed. Energy was always one of my number 1 sellers. This new energy is severly lacking. I cant give th soap away. :( Will you be bringing back the original formulation?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Stacey! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this reformulation. We love the new Energy Fragrance Oil and did extensive testing to make sure the soap smelled as close to the original as possible after curing for 4-6 weeks. If you're looking for another option you may find similar to the energy you may prefer our Kumquat Fragrance Oil which comes pretty close!

Not bad, but not as good as the orginal

Try Kumquat. It's very close to the original Energy FO's, and smells & works great in CP soap! I have a bottle of the original Energy FO's and the reformulated Energy FO's, and although they are similar, the reformulated FO's isn't as nice. It's lost some of it's fruity "effervescence", and now it has a floral note to it. I'm giving it 3 stars since it doesn't smell as nice as the original. Not a bad FO's just not as nice as it used to be. I also made a bar of CP soap with the original Energy FO's and the reformulated one, and they don't smell the same either. Hopefully BB will bring back the original Energy FO's.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Heather! Thanks so much for your honest feedback! I'm sorry you found the reformulation of Energy Fragrance Oil lacking to the original. When testing the reformulation we did our best to get as close to the original as possible and find them super similar! If you're looking to add some fizz to the energy you could try blending in some Champagne Fragrance Oil, or you may prefer our sparkly Grapefruit Bellini Fragrance Oil altogether! -- Thanks for that Kumquat suggestion!

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Most Popular Fragrance

I've used both the "old" and "new" formulations and I guess since I tend to use it on blends don't notice much difference. Anyhow, it is problem free in CP, I like that I can bring it down to a clean white with the use of a little Titanium Dioxide. It stands well on its own, but is also fantastic in blends....Grapefruit fragrances, Kumquat, Champagne. Customers always reach for the Energy products first.

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Beyond Disappointed

I use Energy fragrance oil in an annual specialty soap. I offer it once a year only, and it’s been a huge hit. I have customers who ask me for this fragrance year round, and the annual release is always highly anticipated. This year, I ordered the Energy fragrance oil as usual, and when it came it seemed different to me. I chalked it up to bad memory, my nose playing tricks on me, etc. I crossed my fingers, and went ahead and made my large batch of soap with 3% of this fo, as I always do. Just as soon as I poured my soap, I found an old, nearly empty bottle of Energy stashed away. Sure enough, it was exactly as I’d remembered and entirely different than the one I’d just soaped with. I understand that formulas change from time to time, for whatever reason. What I cannot comprehend is why the formula has been changed and your customers have not been informed. My customers, as well as yours, expect consistency - especially in something as specific as scent. This is the second fragrance that has changed without warning from Brambleberry. The first time, I let it slide, because it wasn’t a dramatic difference. I’ve lost all faith in a company I once trusted. Oh, and to add insult to injury - the drastically different fragrance is nearly imperceptible in the soap I just made. I would sooner write this one off as a loss than attempt to pass it off to my customers as the fragrance they’ve always loved.

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So Disappointed

Energy WAS my all-time favorite scent. But unfortunately not since they changed the formula. It has a strange smell in the bottle and my finished soap made with the strong recipe gave me almost zero scent in my soap. Maybe if I put my head in a plastic bag with the soap I might smell something. Tried showering with it. Nope. I feel I am just getting the run-around with customer service. If you change a formula ( and why in the world wo yuld you change Energy?) that much, you should give it a new name.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Karla! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this reformulation. We love the new Energy Fragrance Oil and did extensive testing to make sure the soap smelled as close to the original as possible after curing for 4-6 weeks. If you've recently made the soap, I would recommend waiting until it has fully cured before deciding if you like the scent. Otherwise, you can try blending it with a little extra citrus to give it more punch, like the Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Oil. Customer service has contacted you directly to help resolve this issue :-)