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Smells Great!

I used this scent in cold process soap. I was very pleased at how it did not accelerate trace at all, and held the medium trace we were hoping for to work with the colors. We will purchase this again. This is a great, fun, citrus scent!

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I truly love this fragrance. Bramble Berry is one of THE best online shops for supplies. I trust their fragrances to perform just as they describe on the bottle. This one is a winner for me.

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So creamy!!

This is quickly becoming a favorite for my family and my customers! So creamy! It smells exactly like a creamsicle!!

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Don't eat your soap

I made a huge batch of soap for my coworkers using this fragrance and I actually had one nurse ask if my soap was edible. This fragrance smell similar to lovespell but with more lemon and orange undertones. I made 9lbs of soap using my new neon mica. The colors were stunning. However, I've been trying to cut costs and found a recipe using just lard and lye. I now have to rebatch the whole thing. The swirls were beautiful and it smelled great but I didn't use the lye calculator and my soap came out in these flaky chunks and fell apart. I did have a great result with my body butter and bath salts. I mixed some titanium dioxide with tangerine wow and it turned into this beautiful peach/orange color. Thank you so much for all of your excellent products. I've been telling everyone at the hospital about this site and plan on spreading my rave reviews at the Farmers Market this weekend.

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Smells Great BUT

I've been working with this FO for a long time, and it smells fantastic (even with the reformulation), BUT be warned, if you soap at room temp it WILL cause very thick, ugly soda ash on your soap. After experimenting with it, doing a very steep water discount is the only way to stop it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Water discounting is a great way to prevent soda ash. Find some other tips on our Explaining and Preventing Soda Ash blog post. Almost all of our recipes online will at least get some soda ash, we just will always steam that off before taking the pretty pictures of them.