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Another big win, Brambleberry! This did not accelerate trace when I stick blended it for one minute, but when I was ready to make thick frosting for the top of the loaf, I blended for about 3 minutes and it stiffened right up for beautiful peaks! I really don't write reviews, but today was such a great soaping day that I had to share. If you are thinking about trying this, do it! Yum!!

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I’m not the biggest fan of this FO, and when I combine it with grapefruit EO, it smells like laundry detergent to me. However, everyone I know LOVES this blend and I sold out of my first 10 bars in a DAY! So I just bought more of this (and the grapefruit) and made an even bigger batch. We’ll see how long this one lasts, but it probably won’t be long - people love this!

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A must fragrance EASY to use in CP

Everyone loves this one. Kids to Adult. Very versitile and just NICE So fresh warm and inviting.

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Cassandra W

The good; No discoloration, and incredibly easy to work with. The Bad; It smells... like kitchen cleaner. Technically a citrusy scent, but not one is ever want to use in my skin. It has been a very, very slow seller. Which is unfortunate, because I made two batches right off the bat and they're just... sitting there. Not selling :(

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wow is this FO in your face Citrusy. In the bottle it smells really strong, and i wasn't too sure about it. After I made my CP soap with it, It was still really strong. I didn't like it at first even after i made soap with it, but it since has grown on me. I will say even after months the scent is still going strong. The scent has faded only slightly. With all of this said, yes, I will buy it again. lol