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CP peanut scent

Fantastic out of the bottle. Poured this CP soap twice and both times it smelled like cheap chocolate or a peanut butter cup. All the other ratings seem to have marvelous results so maybe I am doing something wrong? Either way, loved it out of the bottle just not final product.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Dawn! I'm glad you thought our Espresso Fragrance Oil was fantastic out of bottle! Though I'm sorry you weren't thrilled with the results in cold process soap. This fragrance does smell best after it has "aged." Over time it becomes deeper and sweeter. For cold process soap, it will age during your cure so I recommend giving it another chance after a full six week cure time. If you're looking for other coffee scents you may like Turkish Mocha Fragrance Oil, though does have more of a chocolatey smell to it.

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Love, Love This!!!

This fragrance smells just. like. coffee!! I added coffee grounds for a gentle exfoliation. I added 2 ozs for a 5lb mold which is perfect to me! The aroma just gets better and better with time! I found it interesting how the soap kept getting a deeper brown as time went by. This is by far one of my favorite fragrances! GREAT job, Bramble!!

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Great smell!

My favorite fragrance oil so far! I've used it to make coffee soap that actually looks like tiramisu :) every time I take shower, I want to bite off a piece of that soap: that is how good it smells!

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One Of My Favorite Scents!

I love coffee, and found this scent truly warm and comforting as advertised. Paired with Bramble Berry's Coffee Butter, this made an excellent soap. I added coffee grounds for exfoliation, and used cocoa powder to add swirls of a deep rich brown color, and let the scent color the rest. It made a beautiful wonderful smelling soap!

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I tried the Chocolate Espresso first.. I was not a little disappointed that one smelled more like a tootsie roll, but still liked it. However!!! This one is just amazing! This coffee scent is not disappointing at all. You will love it!