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Like a coffee house

Very accurate fragrance. However, it smells more like a coffee house than it does Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, or Costco coffee. Starbucks and Costco use a certain kind of bean, but coffee houses use a different kind of bean. It smells like a coffee house kind of bean. But the fragrance smells like they really did extract the essence of the coffee in the oil. I love it. It stays pretty true. It doesn’t seem to morph. It also stays pretty strong. I will keep this on hand for my projects.

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If you're a coffee lover, this is the fragrance oil for you! This oil has been and continues to be a bestseller!

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Bobbie Dusek
A MUST for coffee lovers

I mixed this with a latte fragrance and added cappuccino mica to it in a swirl. Looks like coffe and cream and smells like it too. Every time I walk past this section curing I automatically think I need a cup of coffee. Worked great in CP soap discolored to a dark tan so swirling the mica made it look just like a latte.

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A definite for coffee lovers!

Most definitely espresso! Not just coffee, espresso! Held up very well (going on 4 months) in my CP soap, no acceleration, ricing, etc. Folks love it!

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This smell is spot on !!! So yummy !!!