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I wanted to love it

Like a lot of FO's, this starts espresso with a sweet almost chocolate, but the finish, the lingering backnote is a baby powder plasticky smell. I wish i could love fo's, especially since the descriptions and reviews are great....but ugh, that cloying backnote is horrible! What is that component, so that i can avoid it??? I just used the chipotle caramel from my foodie sample, and it did not present that backnote....figures, an fo i can truly enjoy, and you no longer carry it! If anyone can tell me what that clean diaper, baby powder, plastic scent component is, i would love to see it listed so i can avoid paying for fo's with that ingredient, i would be so grateful! after cut, only plastic no coffee scent left at all!

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This is a lovely scent - more like a mocha than espresso, smells so good you want to put a straw in it and drink it. Does darken your soap over time, but if you are making coffee soap, what difference does that make. I will purchase again.

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NOT a "cup of joe" FO

This fragrance is not a "freshly brewed coffee" fragrance, but it is good nonetheless. For me it smells overwhelmingly of almond, barely like coffee. It behaved wonderfully, of course it does discolor, but a little too sweet for my liking. Do not use if you are looking for an "actual" coffee scent.

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This is a repeat purchase and always will be. I use this when I want a dark brown color. I wanted to take a swig it smells so good from the bottle and even better in the cured soap!

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Nice, but a little too sweet

Many people enjoy this scent in my cold process soaps, but I'm lookin to make coffee soaps for a customer who wants a more black coffee smell, and this smells a little to mocha-sweet. I would buy again as it behaves well & holds the scent well, but i'm still searching for more authentic smell.