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Espresso Fragrance Oil

I went out of my mind when I first smelled this! Completely incredible OOB! Like so many other reviewers, you practically want to drink it! I have not yet used because I am waiting to be inspired by the perfect project and a nice goatsmilk soap may be just the thing! I will update my review, but having read all the other reviews, I know I will need to add more FO than most others. I do HP, so we'll see if that makes a difference. Thank you BB, you never cease to amaze me

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A Chameleon Scent

This is a chameleon scent. When I opened the bottle and delicately sniffed, I got a strong burnt-coffee odor. But when my niece smelled it she just about fainted with pleasure. To her it smelled like caramel corn. So I made it into CP soap. A week into the cure and it did not smell burnt anymore; it smelled like a bland cookie. Oh well, not as bad as I feared, but definitely not the coffee scent I wanted. Well, it's now 3 weeks into the cure, and what do you know, it is definitely smelling like coffee! A nice strong, clean coffee. I'll be interested to see what it smells like in another 3 weeks. So it is now back on my list for possible coffee soap FOs.

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I wanted to take a swig it smells so good from the bottle and even better in the cured soap!

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Good but not great

This fragrance oil is strong and long lasting, but smells a little burnt. I mixed with vanilla select to try to take the edge off.

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Makes me want a cup of coffee

This has a yummy mocha coffee smell. I am very pleased. Every time I walk into my soap curing room I want a cup of coffee, the smell is so nice.