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This smells just like espresso, and works really well in all products I've tried it in. I recommend it for sure!

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I'm blown away by how realistic this smells

I'm not a coffee drinker but my boyfriend is. I got this for him so he would love every bath product I made for him. So far I've put it in a sugar scrub for him. I added in some ground cocoa beans and it gave the scrub an awesome brown color (which is perfect since I don't have a brown colorant yet). It smells so good I have to remind myself it's not food. My boyfriend loves the smell too and is very pleased!

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Great scent

This is the truest coffee scent that I've found! I love it. Smells just like coffee, a tad on the sweet side. Didn't accelerate trace at all. I'm tempted to buy more!!

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Buy this NOW!

So wonderful and such a clean scent. I sold out of the soap I made with this, I just ordered more. Worth the price.

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move over citrus scents this is my new fave!

I was expecting a straight dark coffee type scent and wow this is so much better its got a touch of vanilla (not a lot) and a little sweetness and of course a nice dark coffee background. hopefully it will stand out in the soap since i only bought 2 ounces, wish i had bout 4 ounces.