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Soooo Yummy!

This is a great coffee scent and it does smell a little bit like coffee with hazelnut, but I love it's all good! In CP soap, it behaved well, no acceleration, no ricing. I soaped around 100° and made the cutest "Latte" bars of soap!

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Hellloooo college town coffee shop!

This scent is fantastic! It took me back to being in college and walking into the wonderful coffee shop across the street. If you love a deep coffee smell, don't hesitate on this one! You will love it! So far it has held up nicely in my cold process soap (which is still curing). It does turn your soap a beautiful dark brown color.


I go this as a sample and could not stop smelling it. I walked around the office and asked all my coffee loving coworkers to smell it. I need the larger bottle!

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Amazing coffee scent!

This is my favorite scent. A true coffee scent that smells delicious. I added real coffee grounds and a hint of whipped cream fragrance oil to make melt and pour soup.

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Heaven in a Bar

I used this FO in a batch of CP soap, and it's marvelous. My soap was cocoa-butter heavy, so it smells like a thick, whole milk latte. I love it. It also behaved wonderfully for me (no racing or acceleration), and with the use of some titanium dioxide I achieved a nice latte-tan color which is thematically appropriate. I have tried several other coffee scents, this one is by far the most accurate and I could not be happier.