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Wonderful scent!

This is another favorite! I don't even drink coffe but love this scent! Fresh ground coffee is great with this scent in CP soap and feels devine! I use this FO alone and have also made some other combos with it, easy to work with!

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Seattle's Best!

Having lived in Seattle for a while, I got spoiled by good coffee. Now I am back in Michigan and missing it. This fragrance is spot on for good Seattle Espresso! I made a spoon drop Goat's Milk CP soap with it and let it discolor naturally in the part I scented. It was lovely, looked like coffee stirred with rich cream, and I could not stop smelling it. Unfortunately I gave it all to my son (who does live in Seattle) and now I want some for me.

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I absolutely love this fragrance oil for my coffee soaps. The combo of this and coffee as my liquid creates a lovely coffee color and the scent is perfect. The scent really lingers and is so pleasant; like I just came out of a fancy coffee shop.

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Jury is still out

This fragrance smells fantastic out of the bottle. I used it today in CP soap, and I am not so sure about it...I am going to let it age as is suggested in the description. I found it is very lightly fragrant compared to other BB Fragrance oils, and I have many of them.

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So True

I got a sample of it in one of my orders.. It's not the same out of the bottle.. to me it was a bit chocolaty.. YET. I used it in a bar or MP soap.. OH MY!! the soaping room smelled like a cafe for the whole day!! even that I used other FOs.. So here I am to put a bottle in my wish list so I don't forget to buy it in my next order ... <3 One more thing.. I think the scent tricked my brain to feel more energized that day LOL!