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Can someone please email me on how I would add this to melt and pour bases

True Healing Properties

I am starting to use this in my products because of the healing properties it has. I had something similar to poison ivy that was starting to spread and itched. So I started applying the deodorant I made with evening primrose extract on my red inflamed skin, and it stopped the itching, soothed the irritated area, and it faded out and healed up. I love this extract. I'm gad I put it in all my products that I just made recently.

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how much is extract for melt and pour?

I am a beginner of soap making, I just wonder how much should I use this extract in melt and pour? Thanks

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Hong! I would recommend using our Evening Primrose Extract at 1% in our melt and pour bases. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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Combats Dermatitis

Had originally purchased to put in my face soap but started applying straight onto face after washing (before applying moisturizer) and my dermatitis stopped! This is truly a skin miracle for me! Not even the stuff prescribed by dermatologist worked! I've been rash free for a few years now because of this extract and my skin looks and feels great. If I skip for a few days, my skin becomes irritated so I hope this stuff sticks around!

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Great Stuff!

I'm a swimmer, and the chlorine in the pool tends to dry out my skin and leave me itchy. Commercial products have never been much help. So when I started soaping, I decided to try out this extract in some of my soaps to help with the irritation. It helped so much that I shared some soap bits with other swimmers, and now they have put in requests for bars of their own! Thanks Brambleberry!