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Beautiful evergreen color

this mica looks warm golden green in a jar but in cold process it turns into true evergreen with cooler tone and is exactly what I wanted. Very vibrant and beautiful color even when not gelled (I've tested for both gelled and not gelled). Definitely will be one of my staple green colors from now on.

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Subtle, natural looking green

This green makes a soft and natural looking green that pairs well with herbal or botanical scents. The mica is packaged well and easy to work with. This green was a hit with my green tea and activated charcoal swirl soaps, and I will certainly be keeping it in stock.

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Love This Green

This is another of my favorite greens. In soap, it is a really nice, but muted, medium green. Sometimes I mix it with kermit green to get a perfect "leaf" shade of green. In eyeshadow, the gold sparkles really pop against the green. I am not usually a fan of green eyeshadow but this is one I make an exception for. That gold sparkle against the green is amazing.