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Very nice appeal

This glitter is among my favorite things to use to decorate the tops of my cold process soaps!

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Sparkles beautifully in lotions and soaps

I use this product in many of my soaps and lotions. I want to use it in my spray bottles, but I am afraid the glitter will clog up the spray nozzles. Would it be safe to use in spray bottles?

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looks nice in the jar

It does seem nice in the jar but in soap it looks off and in bath bombs it does not look like glitter in the water nor does it dissolove in the water so that cant even be a selling point. I like that BB is trying a eco friendly glitter but there are better ones out there.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While our new EcoGlitters are biodegradable but they are not water soluble. We'll definitely keep our eyes out for different types of eco-friendly glitter options.

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Pretty good!

I used this in bath bombs & bath oils. The glitter itself is gorgeous, and looks wonderful in/on the products. My only complaint is it didn't show up very well in the water. P.S. - SO glad that BB carries biodegradable glitters now. Thank you!

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Love this!

I ordered this for use on my cold process soap. Works wonderfully and I have used it in "glitter drizzles" to enhance my top designs and in soap paint for my soap dough garnishes. It pulls a variety of colors and definitely lends a magical quality to my soap.