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a bit light

I use this to balance other scents. I made a fir-apple combo and it smells amazing. So far my opinion is it is a bit light compared to the other scents, so keep this in mind when formulating recipes.

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I like this scent

Smells very fresh. Looking forward to using it in my CP soaps.

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not a christmas tree but wonderful

this doesn't smell like a christmas tree to me, it smells like eucalyptus and a touch of black pepper. infact when i let my mom smell it she said PEPPER! i used it for potpurri and the house smells refreshing. very nice, plus it goes great with tobacco bay leaf.

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I am a big fan of evergreen scented EO and this one is great! I added it to an unscented castile soap and it was wonderful. Felt like I was walking through the forest! I have already purchased more.

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Strong Stuff in CP soap

Love it. Behaved well, no separation, no accelleration, no color change. It is very strong in the soap and did leave a scent behind in my silicone loaf mold. That's the only negative thing I can say about it though. It blends well with other masculine but does have a bit of a tendency to take over so maybe calculate this on the lower end of the fragrance calculator when blending. Very nice, very authentic pine-type woodsy smell. The scent stays true in cp soap.