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Beautiful scent, but fades fast

I am so disappointed with this one. You have no idea how much I love this scent, but, it fades too quickly. I'm using it in MP white base and coloring with rose gold mica. I started with the medium strength suggestion, but after the soap hardened, i could only smell the scent of soap base. So the next batch, i went for strong scent suggestion, and while i could smell it a little bit more, it 's definitely faded. Being that this FO contains some vanilla, and I wanted to keep my pretty rose color intact, I mixed it (2:1 ratio) with vanilla color stabilizer (your brand) - once the FO and the VCS is mixed together, I can tell the scent disappearing right away. I want to love this scent, please help!

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A bit too perfume-y

When I read the description of this aroma, it sounded amazing, but upon smelling it, it has a synthetic, perfume-y aroma to it. I prefer oil blends to smell really natural, but this one unfortunately doesn't.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We do choose all of our scents based on a full 6 week cure time since they tend to mellow and become more rounded at that point so you may end up liking it better at that point. If you're looking for something more natural smelling you may prefer one of our new Essential Oil Blends.

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Smells like happiness!

I LOVE this fragrance! I was looking for a patchouli fragrance for my mother and I ordered this. I can't really smell the patchouli (which is fine with me). It's a beautiful blend of fragrances that is warm and spicy. Such a joyful fragrance! It did accelerate, but not terribly. I was able to do a 6 color swirl (I just mixed it in the colors before I poured each one) and had planty of time to swirl them. I definitely am glad I ordered this one and would again in the future!

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Like It- Not that bad to work with

Yes, it accelerates, so don't dawdle. I was able to do a four color drop swirl in plenty of time. I did mix it with some of my warmed oils, and I didn't stick blend. I probably could have done a hanger swirl without a problem. I wouldn't try anything fancier, though. It's a nice fragrance and hopefully it will stick

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It Grew On Me

I wasn't into this scent at first but soaped with it anyway. No issues with it in cold process soap & the fragrance really lasts. Once my soap cured I really stated to like Flower Child and look forward to using it every day now. Its deep, woody, warm & a great unisex scent. Buying more to mix with the Chocolate Amber FO.