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so real, it's nostalgic

This fragrance has a level of accuracy that astounds me. In my Greek Orthodox church, the smell of church incense is practically part of the service, and after discovering this fragrance, I had to make candles with it for my relatives. Everyone loved it, especially my grandmother, who actually felt a little emotional. Other reviewers may not like this fragrance much, and in their defense, it can certainly take a little getting used to. But as someone who knows this scent instinctively, I cannot live without it. It smells like childhood and family in a way I cannot describe.

Clean, yet warm and sensuous

Don't judge this by a bottle sniff. out of bottle smells oddly tangy or sour mixed with powdery woods. On skin it dries down to a musky, ambery, oriental powder at first, kind of reminds me of a traditional oriental perfume. Very clean but sensuous, soft and feminine scent. Actually brought me back to my childhood when my mother was an Avon sales rep, I'd always take some of her samples, but I can't rememeber which one it reminds me of. If you like a more masculine version that is less powdery, try the Cybilla version. This one would also be suited for blending with other scents. I think it would go great with any of brambleberry's fig scents, cedar and saffron, black amber and lavender, marrakesh, and bay woods and rum to name a few.

Smells like old lady bathroom spray

So far this is the only fragrance oil I've purchased from Brambleberry that I truly DONT like. It's like old lady, bad atomizer spray and is the farthest thing from masculine I could imagine. Hopefully some creative blending will make it usable. If you have to try it, start with a small bottle.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Dawn! I'm sorry you didn't like this fragrance. We love the Frankincense and Myrrh Fragrance Oil and its traditional Christmas scent! It can be quite overpowering out of the bottle, but mellows out once diluted in product if you want to try out a small test batch! If you're looking to blend it with something to brighten it you may like Orange 10X Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, or Ginger Ale Fragrance Oil.

spicy, smoky and rich

Not really knowing what the real Frankincense and Myrrh smell like I have nothing to compare it to. So I had to rely on my customers and how they responded to this fragrance. Those that have smelled the real thing or have bought soaps in the past with this scent said this fragrance is 'wonderful'. I made cp Christmas soap with this and I could not keep up with the demand. Christmas is over and this scent is still selling! It does color the soap the soap brown which is fine. my design worked with that. No problems with acceleration.

Verified Purchase
Lily Ann
One of our bestsellers!

My partner wasn't sold on this scent but we proceeded anyway and made the soaps using the CP process. Well, now it is one of our bestsellers. I hope you keep this FO in stock.