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Love this mold

The details are so pronounced, and it makes a very large bar 4.8 oz to be exact! It sells quickly in my town. A quick tip place in Frig after about 15 min to firm up then comes right out of mold :)

Nice Mold But no way to package!

Large and nice Mold, great Soap, but no way to Package it or to Shrink Wrap it. All the Boxes, Card Board and Plastic Soap Containers are not big enough for your Long and thicker soap Molds and the Soap gets Damaged in the mailing Process when shipping to a Customer. My Sister and I are not Rich and can not afford the larger Shrink Wrapping Machines and then buy the larger rolls of Shrink Wrap to go with it. These Machine are for large Stores and I personally will not put a nice Soap Designed on a Hot Shrink Wrapping Machine, it will melt most designed. I am at a Loss can someone please help.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Nancy! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying this mold. A quick, easy and inexpensive option for packaging your soap involves using plastic wrap and a heat gun! You can see this technique in this Soap Queen TV video all about packaging! You do need to be careful not to melt the soap, but it is easy to avoid. Placing your soap in a lot of packing peanuts also when shipping :)