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Germaben / Germaben II Preservative

!! Strongy caution !! All ingredients of this product causing danger to the health of its users. Causing skin irritations, hormone imbalances, damage to immune systems!!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Germaben Preservative is completely safe to use. While using it at a full 100% would not be safe, at the usage rate of 0.3-1% it is completely approved as skin safe. It is common preservative used in lotions. Find out more about our preservatives in our Talk It Out Tuesday: Preservatives blog post.

Germaben or Germaben 11

Your heading is for Germaben but you say Germaben 11 in the comments. Which is it?

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Germaben Preservative vs Phenonip

what is the differences between Germaben Preservative and Phenonip? Do they work the same? Thanks.