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Successfully Dealing with Acceleration!

I was determined to use this FO, despite the warnings about fast trace. Even though I was only a simple tiger stripe, a seize would still be a minor disaster. The only thing I could think to do to narrow the timing gap was to disperse my colorants, then combine my lye and base oil mix, and then mix all of my separate colors (six of them!)...and then quickly whisk the burnt-off FO into each color split JUST before pouring. And I had no problems! I even had time to sprinkle mica between each pour! It only began to thicken when I got to my last pour. Try that when faced with any FO that is said to go into fast trace...I was thrilled that it worked. I will go back and edit this review when the soap has had time to cure, and let you all know how the fragrance held up.

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Clean and fresh

one of my favorites, although if I did not know the name of the scent I don't think I would be able to identify it.

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Very citrusy!!!

You can smell the ginger for sure, but the citrus notes take over very quickly and then fade into a pleasant ginger/patchouli base. I have not used this in any soap yet, just tested on a fragrance strip.

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Not what I was expecting.

I got this fragrance about a year ago and I have yet to use it. I don't smell lime or ginger. It smells more like a laundry or dish detergent. I've had friends and family smell it and the all say the same.

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I mixed this half-and-half with Tea Trea EO, and it works well to round off some of the harsher edges of the EO. Did not accelerate for me, but I only used 1 oz of Ginger-Lime (with 1 oz Tea Trea) in 40 oz of soap, diluting the scents in 2 oz of superfatting oils as well. I would purchase again; I think it would be nice by itself in a shaving soap.