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Yummy Scent!

I ordered this product due to the reviews and for Fall request for cold process soap. I have to say my batch did not discolor. It stayed creamy and I had to skip to plan B as I was doing a swirl soap. Lol..I quickly grabbed some cocoa powder and made do! Not sure why it did not discolor, this maybe a good thing in the future . I soap with cold goats milk, palm, coconut, & rice oil. I did add some canola oil for the neutral color.

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Really good during the winter months - spicy and yummy scents sell well for me but I found this to be just a bit too strong for my tastes. People really loved it in solid lotion sticks!

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Smelled Divine!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I made a pumpkin soap with this fragrance and my whole family is loving it. I think I will have to save a bar for myself. It does discolor to dark brown, so I put in some titanium dioxide then orange mica and it is a beautiful dark rustic rust. I would recommend this fragrance over and over if you want a great fall scent. Smells a little spicy but not overwhelming. I just love it!

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Clean Machine
Smells like fresh baked cookies

If you are looking for the most delicious gingerbread scent, this is it. Do not hesitate to invest in this wealth of fresh-baked gingersnap cookies. My family enjoys this so much, that we use this for soap all year long, and not just for the winter holidays. Completely delicious scent.

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Awesome Holiday Fragrance

I just used this fragrance in my cold process Gingerbread man soap! Love it! Smells awesome right out of the bottle and delicious while soaping! Cant wait to cut the bars to see the swirls and smell it some more! Highly recommend!