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The scent on this one is very faint in hot process soap, although it comes through a teensy bit better after curing for a year (I still have some)!

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Gingersnap Fragrance

I bought this based on all the wonderful reviews and was very disappointed. Not a bold Fragrance at all AND the 3 times I’ve tried it, it accelerates trace in CP. Not a fan, does not smell like a gingersnap, and so very disappointed.

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After I read the reviews, I was so excited about this one. Not much fragrance out of the bottle. I tried a soy candle with it, hoping it might change. I was heavy handed on the fragrance but I still had to put my nose over the top of the candle to smell anything.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While all of our fragrance oils are safe to be used in candles they are not designed for candles or tested in them. For this reason we recommend a small test candle to make sure you like the burn smell and the fragrance throw is strong. You may prefer our selection of Skin Safe Candle Fragrances which are designed for use in candles.

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Perfect Autumn scent

This came out wonderfully in soap, and smells perfect for an autumn or holdiay themed soap. To my nose it lacks the heat of a true ginger snap. There’s less ginger, and i think the nutmeg and clove overtones are stronger. It’s like a sweeter, more mellow ginger bread, but it smells great.

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True Gingersnap

I'm not one for sweet scents when it comes to soap, and maybe it is just the season..but this one is rocking my boat! Nothing to tweak or add in terms of conjuring up cozy Autumn goodness. Gingersnap is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and I would say this is a MUST HAVE scent for our Fall collection. I folded it into a pumpkin soap, made w/organic pumpkin pulp. Worked at cool temps - the magic 82F - with slight trace while doing my swirl, and it performed well. Did not discount liquid so that helps with a scent said to move fast. Can't say anything at this point about how much it will darken down in color. But I love the scent too much to care about that.