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Spot on.

I bought this fragrance to make the melt and pour gingerbread men, and I absolutely loved it. The fragrance is spot on. I added a titch of Buttercream, but it may have smelled just as great by itself.

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smells good enough to eat!

This FO, along with all of BB's FO's smells amazing! I made gingerbread man soaps and they smell like the real deal. My friend's son even thought the soap was a cookie ( I had to quickly take the soap away!) I order so often from Bramble Berry and their products along with their customer service is amazing and will keep me coming back!

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Just like the cookie

Smells just like a baked gingersnap. Love the scent. We will see how it holds in cold process soap. I did CPOP and it worked out well. Scent did not morph. No acceleration problems.

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It's perfect in fall and winter

I love this for creating "pumpkin bars", a soap I make with this and the pumpkin spice fragrance together. It is going to become a yearly tradition for some of my family to ask for, I can already tell. I also like it with just a tiny bit of fresh snow or applejack peel. I keep soaps that are ready to use in a basket in my bathroom, and it just makes everything smell great.

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This scent operates wonderfully in everything I've attempted to make with it! It's super rich and warm and buttery and I'd drink it if I could! Please keep this one around!