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Clean Machine
Smells like fresh baked cookies

If you are looking for the most delicious gingerbread scent, this is it. Do not hesitate to invest in this wealth of fresh-baked gingersnap cookies. My family enjoys this so much, that we use this for soap all year long, and not just for the winter holidays. Completely delicious scent.

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Awesome Holiday Fragrance

I just used this fragrance in my cold process Gingerbread man soap! Love it! Smells awesome right out of the bottle and delicious while soaping! Cant wait to cut the bars to see the swirls and smell it some more! Highly recommend!

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This is the BEST gingersnap fragrance I have ever smelled! I love the spices and pepper notes a sweet we'll as the very realistic ginger note. It reminds me of making a batch of the real things. This came through flawless is cp and lotion bars. I soaped at room temps and have silk in my recipe and it behaved just fine. I did notice that it heats up a bit more than most in the mold but no cracking. If you are looking for a really good Christmas cookie or gingerbread man smell, this is it!

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This one made me sad..

I love this smell. SO much. Out of the bottle it smells like there's a freshly baked cookie in there. But.. when I soaped with it cool (90 degrees) it volcanoed. It was my normal recipe with no added color, so I don't know what could have happened. I managed to get it back in the mold, but there's a lava-tube-cavern effect through the center of the loaf. It's pretty ugly, but it does still smell amazing. I don't see any other reviews with this problem, so I'll be trying it again - But I wanted to share my experience.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Emily! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Gingersnap Fragrance Oil, though I'm sorry it did not work well for you in cold process soap. In our testing, this scent behaved beautifully in cold process soap, with no acceleration or volcanoing. Usually a volcano effect is due to additives like sugar, honey, syrup, alcohol etc. The sugar causes the soap to overheat. If you like how the soap turned out, just not the way it looks, you can always rebatch it! Find out how in our Soap Queen TV Presents: How to Make Rebatch Soap episode. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot!

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Spicy and Sweet

Love, love how it smells out of the bottle and in cured CP! It is more gingerly than a real gingersnap cookie (which I like), with a good dose of sweetness but no coying smell which often associates with foodie type FOs. Please keep this around!!