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Very floppy/flexible, discolored my soap

Overall this mold is just ok for the price. It's quite flexible and floppy, so doesn't provide a ton of support for the soap. I'd definitely recommend making sure it's on a stiff board or pan, especially if you'll need to move it when it has soap batter in it. I also got some odd pink discoloration on a couple of edges and corners of my soap (A batch with no colorants/micas/etc, where the main batch in my loaf molds came out great) that I can only assume was some sort of reaction between an ingredient in my soap and some component of the mold. UPDATE - After 2 days out of the mold, the pink has disappeared from the soap and those areas are now the same color as the gelled center of my soap. So whatever the reaction was, it was only temporary. Bumped my review from 2 to 3 stars, as I still don't like how floppy the mold is, but it will be OK for overflow purposes.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kevin! I'm sorry this product wasn't your favorite. Because it's a silicone mold, it is flexible and great for unmolding your soap, as seen in this Roman Holiday: Vespa Melt and Pour Tutorial. Also, our silicone molds shouldn't react at all with your soap. There may have been some foreign particles on it to cause that reaction. It may also be gel phase. During gel phase, the soap gets very hot – up to 180 degrees. This can temporarily affect the color of your soap. I'll be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot!

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I don't mind that this mold tapers on the edges. Overall it makes for a rustic and cute bar of soap. As with all the BB glossy silicone soap molds, this leaves a beautiful and professional finish to the soap that I really love. This mold is ideal for the soap crafting recipes and designs by Anne Marie in her Soap Crafting book.

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Nice finish but sides taper

This mold has a nice finish, but the sides taper outward and are not straight up and down, so I end up with a lot of waste to make straight bars. I have had much better results with simple silicone cake pans purchased at kitchen supply stores.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Gina! I’m sorry you were not please with the outcome of your soap with this mold. The sides of this mold do have a slight angle, if you are looking for a silicone mold that gives you perfectly straight bars, you might try the 12 Bar Square Silicone Mold.