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Is this food grade as well ?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Liquid Glycerin is cosmetic grade. We are not a food safe warehouse so we do not recommend ingesting any of our products.

Can this be used in CP Soap?

Hi Brambleberry! I was wondering if this can be added to CP soap for moisture? If so, how much do I use and when do I add it (instead of water or at trace, etc.)?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Liquid Glycerin is saponifiable so you can technically add it as part of your recipe or at trace as part of your superfat. Though keep in mind adding extra glycerin to cold process soap can cause glycerin rivers. Find out more in our The River Run Deeps: An explanation of glycerin rivers blog post.

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? about using this in melt and pour

I was wondering if you could tell me how much I would use in 1 lb of MP. I use this in lotion and love it but now I want to mix in my melt and pour when mixing mica. Thank you in advance

Works like a charm

I only use this glycerin for one thing: liquid soap and it works like a charm. As you probably know, you use potassium hydroxide (also called pot ash) to make liquid soap and it takes a long time to trace (often times 30 minutes). Using a glycerine base instead of a water base, the heated glycerin quickly dissolves the potassium hydroxide crystals and it comes to trace in mere seconds and is ready to start the long cook. The result is a smooth, clear, gentle liquid soap. I highly recommend it. I got the recipe and instructions from soaping101

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Worked like a charm!

I used this glycerin for the first time to make the watermelon soap from Soap Queen's "Juicy Watermelons Slurping up Summer" post. I was very happy to find that my soap indeed did not crack at all when I curved it to my mold! I was also able to mix my micas directly into the glycerin giving me plenty of time to work out the clumps of the colorant. Thank you Bramble Berry!