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soap is always damaged

I love This soap base but I don't understand why it always has to arrive with plastic ripped off and dirt embedded in the soap base? I don't think I should have to cut off dirt to even be able to use the product. Need better QC protocol.

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Quality Base

I love this base! I make melt and pour soap with activated charcoal and it works really well with this base! Holds color and scents really well, and doesn't really sweat as far as I've seen ! Really happy with this product and I've already ordered it again. Great for cute melt and pour soaps.

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So creamy!

By far my favourite soap base. This was absolutely creamy and a dream to work with. Will definitely repurchase.

Soaps for Sensitive skin

I am assured that the entire product is made from the 100% natural things. It made my skin glowing. I loved it so much. Use it and love it like me. And also Try this goat milk product for sensitive skin. Soap for sensitive skin

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Husband finally changed soaps

I'm very new to this hobby. My husband if 46 years has as far as I can remember only used a certain brand of soap. I made a large hear-shaped goats milk M&P next to his usual one in the shower and he finally used it. Now he raves about the rich lather and how clean he feels. Love it. Brambleberry, I sing your praises to all! Your customer service is wonderful and your products are great. The shipping costs are very reasonable since you ship mine to TX