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Goat Milk Mold

this mold is another favorite of mine, and i use it all the time. i pour two pounds of my melted goat milk melt and pour base from bb, adding chamomile and flower petals etc..... this unmolds perfectly. very clear definition with the lettering and so perfect and professional looking. i am going to try it with my cold process soap also, adding the sodium lactate as well! can't wait to see the results! i would be happy to purchase another in time!

Verified Purchase
Didn't Work Well for Me

This didn't work well for me at all. It was very difficult to get the soap out and then most of the raised letter remained in the mold! Did I do something wrong?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Glenda! I'm sorry you had some trouble removing your soap from this mold. If you're making melt and pour, we recommend leaving your soap in the mold for 12-24 hours. For cold process, it takes 1-2 weeks to unmold. When it's ready, pull on the sides to break the air lock and then apply gentle pressure on the back of your mold with the palm of your hand. Also, if you did the letters in a different color and they're sticking, make sure to spray the first layer with 99% isopropyl alcohol before pouring the second layer. You want to pour the second layer once the first is hardened. The second layer should be 130F or cooler, or it will melt that first layer. I'll be emailing you personally to help resolve this!

Love it!

I love love love this mold! Wish you had lots more tray molds :)