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Homely Animal
Flashbacks to summer

You know, they say that smell is the most potent memory trigger and when I smelled this fragrance that is what happened. Sure it's a freshly mowed lawn, or a roll down a grassy hill, or grandma's backyard... I love working with this fragrance and have no issues with it at all. Performs like a dream. I make the bar a lovely pale yellow and call it 'dandelion' and everybody says it's a dead ringer. (I didn't want to make a bar called 'grass' you know?). This is a staple in my spring and summer soap line and it is a very popular bar for adults and children alike. I'd highly recommend giving it a try if you're on the fence.

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One of my favorites

I recently blended this fragrance with the lemon verbena (Yankee style) for wedding favors. The scent is amazing. My new favorite. When I told my friends I was making full sized bars they ordered most of them before I even whipped up the soap.

smells like grass

I almost gave this 4 stars.......almost. I am not a fan of the smell of grass. And this is VERY strong. I got it in the m&p gardeners soap kit and decided to go with it. I actually love this layered with the zucchini flower and sweetgrass scents, but would not be a fan of it alone. I would probably also use a bit less in the next batch of gardeners soap (but will be making it again)!

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Fresh Cut Grass!

Love, love, love this scent!! Made my own variation of the creamy cow recipe tonight and I can't wait to cut it! Love this smell, my whole apartment smells so clean because of it!! :)

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Surprisingly pleasant

I got this because I wanted to mix it with other floral scents to give it a nice dimension, and it's great for that. I also love it on its own. It is a nice soft scent that to some people I had smell it say it smells exactly like fresh cut grass, but to me it smells like carnations.