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I received the Gardner Soap kit as a gift and I am addicted to the Green Fig fragrance! It is clean, crisp, and alluring. I will be ordering more as soon as it is in stock! Such a pleasure to have for spring scented soaps.

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Delightfully Perfect!

This is a clean, green-type fragrance that is just perfect! I had some M&P from another project and I made my own version of Anne-Marie's "Gardener's Soap" and I love, love, love how it turned out. I had just ordered the "Pure" mold and the FO from Bramble Berry, but I didn't have ground loofah or ground walnut shells. I DID have a whole loofah and white elm bark and Morracan red clay. So I did my first layer with the red clay (mostly for color) and the ehite elm and even ground lemon peels (dried) for the first layer. I followed the pattern, and I had already (tried) shredded the loofah. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend buying it already ground or shredded. Anyway, the soap turned out beautifully and it is just perfect with the Green Fig FO. This FO WILL be a staple in my collection as will this beautiful soap. Thank you BB, you knocked it out of the park...again!

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This scent is so green and refreshing. It's a beautiful scent that reminds me of Spring and Summer.

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Great addition to amp up other fragrances!

I love to add this fragrance to other fragrances to amp them up a little. It does smells like a fresh pine tree to me. I add this to the Clover and Aloe and its one of my best sellers. The green fig really gives the Clover and Aloe an energizing kick!

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This scent is right up my alley! It's definitely green and crisp, but also somewhat complex and ...upmarket? It reminds me of a Anthropologie candles I like. Behaves very well, discolors only ever so slightly to a very pale yellow /green as per picture here. Slow moving, had a ton of time for a 3 color butterfly swirl 20b batch. Btw got this twice as a sample and ordered a bigger bottle without even testing it. I grew up surrounded by fig trees and this is unusually close to a real thing. Bars are at 3 weeks and scent is still very good. Just need to see how they sell.