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Love this!

I ordered several bottles of Green Smoothie on clearance to get a good deal on a popular fragrance that I hadn't tried before. Holy cow, I LOVE Green Smoothie! It performed beautifully in CPOP and smells just heavenly in the finished soap. It's a shame BB is discontinuing this awesome fragrance. I would love to see it replaced with something similar!

Verified Purchase
Hello, Green Smoothie!

I AM ADDICTED TO THIS FRAGRANCE! I want my entire life to smell just like this, forever. Really deep green fragrance with a perfect brightness that balances it out perfectly. Not woodsy at all, which I half expected. I really can not put my finger on the exact scent, so unique. Perfect unisex fragrance. It smells like a suped up version of my splurge-day green smoothie! If I could give this 500 stars, I would. So impressed! As stated, it does accelerate but I CP at room temp, so no problems! Scent really ‘sticks’ as well!

Fragrance sticks

I don't smell any fruitiness in this fragrance but the green shines through. To me, it smells like a hyper-floral Irish Spring scent. My son loves it. I used the maximum amount suggested by BB's fragrance calculator and the scent is still very strong after 8 weeks. My test bar is holding its fragrance in the shower, on an open shower rack.

Surprised by this one!

I absolutely love this scent. I can't go past my soap with out picking it up to smell how lovely , refreshing and clean smelling it is. I'll be buying some more as this was a small sample I was given.

A nice one to blend

On it's own, this FO is sort of fruity/green/floral, but when it's blended with something else it really shines IMO. I blended it with "Grass Stain" for a gardener's soap and I'm in love!