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Did not expect this

I got as a sample a while back and didn't think I'll ever use it, then I make some carrot soap and the scent complimented the soap beautifully. I soaped at 85 so I had amply time to play with it. waiting to see it the scent stays true after cure.

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Very Fun!

This is such an interesting scent. It has become a favorite with many of my customers. It is a little grassy so I paired it with Pineapple FO and that brought a nice sweet note that it was needing. It's perfect for a new year!


Has an interesting fresh, green, grass/weed like smell to it. Summer time fragrance? This fragrance accelerated my soap like crazy!

Wonderful & fresh!

I got as a sample and it by far my favorite yet! It doesn't take much to scent hot process soap! The scent has great staying power and I have made many soaps but keeping coming back to bath with this! I will tell anyone to try it!

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Pleasantly surprised

This is not a scent I would have ever chosen, but I got it as a free sample. Curious about the scent, I opened the bottle and thought "oh my, why would anyone bottle that?" But, I'm fairly new at making soap and need practice, plus I have had scents change after going through the CP process, so gave it a shot. I am pleasantly surprised. In the finished product, it smells really good. I just ordered some more. It did accelerate a little, but since I was expecting it, I just did a two color swirl and it turned out great.