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green tea extract

used in mp soap, very liked ingredient by customers in my mp soap

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This is strange

So I am an herbalist and very familiar with making extracts. I do not understand this one at all. Is it a green tea CO2 added to FCO? Or is it an herbal oil? I don't understand how it's called an extract when it's oil soluble. Could you please clarify and explain how this is made? I assumed the extract would be water soluble, amber colored, and smelling of tea like every other extract I've ever purchased or made. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of an oil soluble extract, but would be greatful if you could clarify what exactly this is. Thanks.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amanda! I'm sorry this extract wasn't what you were expecting! Our oil soluble extracts are made by infusing the plant material in a solvent oil, most commonly fractionated coconut oil. So they are not traditional water soluble extracts coming straight from the plant but they are still a type of extract :-) It sounds like you may be more interested in our Essential Waters.

very pleased

I am very pleased with your green tea extract and I plan on continuing to use this wonderful product. My customers love it in my face cream and also in my after bath moisturizer! Love it!

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Used in body butter

I used this in making my mango body butter recipe. Mixes well in oil recipes. I like the fact that it can help reduce sun damage.