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Nerdtastic Craftations
Crisp Fresh Tea Scent

I use this in my Alice in Wonderland themed soaps blended with rose scent & it is one of my best sellers amongst both men & women, in fact it is my fiancé's favorite.

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This is a nice, fresh scent that pairs well with ginger and bamboo scents. It does not exactly replicate green tea. This oil has good staying power and makes wonderful smelling lotion bars.

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It's a trickster!

I love tea. I REALLY love tea. So I was excited to get this in the mail. I was hoping for a deep, grassy, earthy aroma that comes from Sencha and takes me back to a warm cuppa. That is not what I got. In the bottle, it smells absolutely nothing like green tea. I get a big nose full of pepper and something sweet, but no grassy notes whatsoever. LET DOWN! I tried it in some MP before I committed to CP and it was still sad. I bit the bullet and made a 2 lbs. CP loaf and the smell was still off. I worried that I'd have to figure out a new name for this scent because I could not market it as "Green Tea". Well, after about 4 weeks of curing, all that terrible smell has gone. My soap actually smells like green tea. A weak cup, but still! TEA! Not as grassy as I would like, kind of reminiscent of green tea sweets and matcha frappuccinos. Slighly sweet but still tea. I can't tell you how happy I am that this worked out! Will definitely be one of my regulars!

True green tea scent

I made a 2 1/2 lb batch of cold process soap and used 1 oz of fragrance oil. I usually use more fragrance oil for this amount of soap, however I did not need it. The soap turned out nice and mild, just the way I wanted it.

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Closest to real green tea that I have come across

I don't know what it is with green tea, but most companies make "Green Tea" FO smell like a flower bouquet. So I was really, REALLY happy when I got my bottle, opened it, and smelled a dry, bitter, slightly smokey scent. I picked out a tart note, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I'm pretty sure I can mellow it out once it's added to my lotions. I wouldn't call it true-to-scent, as it's missing the grassy, green notes of a freshly brewed Sencha tea... but it's pretty darned close! I look forward to ordering this again!