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Can't do without

I use Green Tea Seed oil in nearly everyone on of my CP products. It is worth every cent, and a little goes a long way. My customers have been hooked on any product i include this in.

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Dry oil?

This is supposed to be a dry oil, but it borderlines on not being dry. Anyhow, I have had problems soaping with the oil unless I bring the soap to a medium-thick trace. No good for emulsification for me, it has separated in 3 separate batches. Thick traced soap gives me no problems.


you want to know why this Green Tea Seed oil is so darn expensive? take a guess? global warming? - nope. war zone crop.... not even close. some other geopolitical travesty? no. this stuff is expensive because it is worth every penny. makes oilive oil look like a poor 2nd cousin.

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Camellia oil is my favorite for skin care. It has such a velvety feel and is never greasy. I love the reputed properties of this oil, too. I cannot find a better product and price anywhere else.

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SomeTyme Place
Fabulous Product!

I wish I could give this oil 10 stars because it is so rich and amazing! I spent 2 years formulating a cream to sell and this was the ingredient that put it over the top and ready to go to market. It makes your products so much more luxurious, and yes, the absorbency is great! Please keep this in stock!!!