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Cute mini soap molds

I love the design. I had some trouble though. Maybe someone can tell me what could have happened. I released some soap into the butterfly design with white soap. I allowed it to harden. melted my clear soap, scented and colored it. spritzed the molded white soap with alcohol and then poured the clear soap at about 123 F. I let it harden and then when it came time to pop the soap out, it seems like the white layer did not adhere to the clear layer. I spritzed with alcohol and let it cool...what happened do you think?

The Kids will love it!

I purchased this mold to add to my guest soap mold collection. And it has done that beautifully! BUT, I think I may move it from guest soaps to kids soaps. I think it would made wonderful kids soaps too. The reason I only rated it a four star is because it is a little hard to get this mold to release if you try to pull them early. Best to wait a couple of hours.

So cute!

I'm loving this mold! Great for springtime. I pair it with a bigger butterfly soap :)