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Gorgous Pink Color

Used about 1 Tsp for a batch that used a total of 6 cups dry ingrediants. Makes a really pretty pink color that fully disolves in water.

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So so

Disappointed that I did not find any directions from Bramble Berry. Only information said to use 1 to 2 drops for a regular size batch. What is regular size? Based on the reviews I knew it would not work in oils. I used a tablespoon of water and 5 drops in a batch of 108 oz of baking powder, citric acid, corn starch etc. I got a pink. Which from all the reviews & the photo above I did not expect. I expected purple & I wanted purple.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kathy! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this color. The color represented on the product page is a pink color, which just a bit of purple undertones. If you're looking for a more true purple color you may like our Lilac La Bomb. For more information on our LaBomb Colorants and usage rates check out Talk It Out Tuesday: LaBomb Colorants! blog post.

Does not work well in anhydrous products

These colors are great if you use them in a product that contains water. When I make bath bombs I use 91% alcohol and a tiny bit of water to wet them. This color dispersed well in those and is beautifully vibrant and bright pink when used at a bit higher concentration. But when I tried to add it to my bath truffles that have no water and just melted butters they turned out a drab almost brown purple with tiny specks in them. When added to the bath, the water turns pink (which I wanted) but the product before that does not show the beautiful colors of the bath bombs that have a tiny bit of water.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laura! I'm glad you think our Gurlie Pink La Bomb works great in your bath bombs that contain water. Though, I'm sorry you were disappointed in your results when using them in your bath truffles made of melted butters. We love our La Bomb Colorants and find them to work wonderfully in bath bombs as seen in our Tie-Dye Bath Bombs tutorial. These colorants are designed specifically to work in a bath bomb mixture but would have different effects in different products, such as bath truffles made completely from melted butters.

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this is purple please change the name

i have used almost every la bomb you have and i make 100's of bath bombs a month, and everytime i use this it looks very pink at first and as it dries it becomes purple, not pink at all, i highly suggest you guys just change the name to pretty purple or amethyst or something without the name pink in it, it is not pink at all in anyway. also itd be great if you can come out with a real red, the adobe is pretty but its orange red, id love a true blood red for when i do valentines bath bombs or christmas bath bombs!

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Not really pink

This was more purple than pink. Wish there was a nice "cotton candy" color pink in the LaBomb colors.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tammy! I’m sorry you were disappointed in this color. The color represented on the product page is a cooler pink color, with a bit of a purple hue. If you are looking for a brighter, lighter pink, you might enjoy the Rosy Pink La Bomb Colorant!