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No bells or whistles, but it works!

I have been wanting an actual hanger swirl tool for some time now. I guess you can say I was getting sick of my old, bent-up wire hanger, and always having to tape chopsticks to it!! I've seen other hanger swirl tools, but the sizes couldn't be changed, and I couldn't justify spending over $25 for something I could make myself (albeit a little archaic looking!). Then I saw this handy little tool & thought I'd give it a shot! The price was right, and if it didn't work out, I wouldn't be out a ton of money. No worries there tho... It works great! Yes, the design of this little tool is simple and straight forward. There are no bells or whistles here, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can bend this tool to fit multiple sized molds I have (one tool to rule them all lol!), and that I can bend & rebend over & over again & it won't compromise the integrity of the tool! Another thing I think is AWSOME about this tool is that I can take a pair of pliers (or just use my hands) and make a wavy design across the bottom of it, so that when I drag the tool through the soap, it creates an effect you can't get with a traditional flat hanger tool. Yes, it's very simple, but the price is great & you now have a fully adjustable hanger tool that will fit ALL your molds! The guage/thickness of this tool is perfect too, so I'm very happy I don't have to tediously tape chopsticks or straws to a wire hanger anymore! I'm very happy I purchsed this handy little tool & very much recommend it!

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Very handy!

I got this as an impulse buy because cleaning my bent up coat hangar was a pain. I'm so glad I did! I use this thing all the time! You can easily bend it to any shape, but isn't floppy and will keep it's dimesions while being used. It's also surprisingly easy to clean :)

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Glad to have the real thing

Don't know why it took me so long to order this. The tool is very inexpensive & so much better then the makeshift hanger tool. It's very sturdy & easy to size to any particular shape or mold. The coating makes it very easy to clean. And I just roll it back up to make for easy storage. Highly recommend spending the few extra dollars to get a well made & easy to use Hanger tool.

Works like charm!

Great tool, easily bends to any shape, coated for easy cleanup. What more can you ask for? Would purchase again.

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Neat little thing

I think it is a pretty cool little tool, I just wish it came with a tutorial on the different ways you could use it.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Anna! I'm so glad you think our Hanger Swirl Tool is a pretty cool little tool - we do too! For some tutorials on how to use it, check out the How to Make Hanger Swirl Soap and How to Make Aloe Vera Hanger Swirl Soap videos, or our Sparkling Snowdrop Cold Process Tutorial.